I would recommend this title, because there are alot of people that crank in this book.  I did enjoy reading this book because it was very addicting.  Every time I would start to read this book, I lost track of time.  I really didn't relate to any of the characters, but the one I realted to the most was the main character's little brother.  I relate to him because he always wants attention.

Street Love

I would surely recommend this book title to everyone I know, even my teachers, becasue this book is about street so they have rapping in it, and the rapping is rhyming and I think that's really cool.  I honestly enjoyed reading this book, it was all about rapping and how the kids lived it was the second coolest book I read.  I can relate to Damien, first he loves to rap and I love to rap I have a song made now I want to get it on the radio.


Crank is the first book in a series about a girl named Kristina, who takes a walk with the monster, and becomes hooked.  Her alter-ego, Bri, takes hold of her life, and, paired with the monster, destroys everything Kristina worked so hard to build up.  I would definitely recommend this title, and enjoyed reading this book because it really shows how drugs can really mess up a person's life, and how even one time can get you hooked.  How does Kristina fix all the broken pieces?  Find out when you read Crank.