A year ago, a kid named Riley went missing.   All of a sudden people are dissapearing.  The Cullen's have to deal with it before the Voltori steps in.  They have one theory and one theory only.  Victoria is back.  And she is creating an army.  I enjoyed this book because it includes so many genres.  For example, Drama, Action, Romance, everything a good book needs.  I think that I would recommend this book because it is one of the best book I have ever read.  (AND I READ, ALOT) :)


Bella Swan is a seventeen year old girl who is moving in with her dad who lives in Forks, Washington.  She would rather be in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with her mom than rainy Forks.  But that all changes when Bella meets a peculiar, young boy named Edward Cullen.  I would recommend this book to any teenage girl in thirst of a good book.   I really enjoyed reading Twilight becasue I could relate to the characters and it was interesting.


In the fifth installment of the Alchymyst Series, Sophie and Josh are finally split up and they have picked their sides, good or evil, though neither twin knows whetehr they have picked good or evil.  Josh, assuming he picked the good side, is with Dr. John Dee and the mysterious Virginia DAre.

Deep and Dark and Dangerous

A 13-year old girl named Ali finds an old photograph in the attic, she recognizes tow of the three children.  Her aunt Dulcie and her mom, Claire.  She finds a third girl that was torn out of the picture.  Ali goes to the lake with her aunt and cousin Emma, she tries to figure out who was torn out.  They meet a girl named Sissy and she is a little different.  Sissy is always angry.  Will she figure out why?  I would recommend this title to everyone who loves mystery book.  This is my favorite book.  I relate to Ali because I love mysteries.

Cryptic Cravings

I highly recommend Cryptic Cravings for any Twilight or Vampire fans because in this book humans & immortals unite. 

I can relate to Raven, one of the characters in Cryptic Cravings, because she wants to be a vampire and live forever with her boyfriend, Alexander.

Everyone wants to live forever!

I enjoyed reading this book because in this book you feel like you know the characters by heart & are close to them.

Read the other Vamprie Kisses books first!


I really enjoy Twilight becasue it is very detailed and interesting.  I think I relate to Bella because we are both curious.  Twilight has romance, vampires, adn much much more!  It may take a whiel to read but it is great!

City of Glass

I enjoyed reading the City of Glass, because it was interesting and it had all the elements I like in the books (action, romance, drama, comedy, etc.)  Clary, a 17 year old girl, her brother, Jace, and her friends, Isabelle, Alec , and Simon go on an adventure to stop Valentine, a villian, from destroying the Shadowhunters.

Bras and Broomsticks

Bras and Broomsticks is the first book in a series of four books.  I would recommend this obok to a friend.  Bras and Broomsticks is about these two sisters who realize that their mom is a witch.  The powers are passed to the younger sister Mary.  This makes, Rachel, the older sister jealous.  Their mom says no magic until training is over but they don't listen.  This tells of their adventures!  very good!

A Great and Terrible Beauty