Eighth Grade Bites

I would recommend this book because of the thought and overwhelming power it gave me.  I enjoyed this book because it was action packed and full of adventure.  Vlad really was a very interesting character that I grew to know throughout the book.  His secret crush just added to the excitment.  Henry Vlad friend through it all really supported Vlad (when he was around) and helped him through his struggles.  Otis Otis had a great twist on the story and I enjoyed it a lot.  in all I would recommend this book for someone sho loves a good story!

Thirteen Days to Midnight

You Are Indestructible.  Those words permanently change the live of Jacob Fielding.  With them Jacob earns an astonishing and addicting power.  Immortality.  He can walk through fire, be shot, and stabbed without feeling any pain.  When he shares this secret with his best friend, Milo, and his girlfriend, Ophelia, they suggest an interesting idea: to use the power to save people's life's.  But how do you choose who lives and who dies?  Worst still are the consequences that are yet unknow to Jacob.  Carman creates a thriller that's equal pa


I would recommend this book to any of my friends.  I really liked shadowland because it had twist plost and a good story line.  no I didn't relate to any of the characters but I still like the book.  She always believes he was her destiny - but what if fate has other plans?

The Hollow

If you like mystery, secrets, and suspense you won't want to skip over this novel.  It's a page turner that leaves chills down your spine with every page that goes by.  It leaves you on the edge of your seat, while you adventure thorugh the life of Abbey and the mysterious town of Sleepy Hollow.

Jessica Verday makes the feelings jump off the page, into the reader's heart and it has a lingering ending that makes the reader wish there was more.

Find the continuation of Abbey's story, The Haunted at the closest Library near you!

The Michigan Mega Monsters

In the book The Michigan Mega Monsters Rick, Leah, and Sandy go to camp at Camp Willow.  While they're there, they start to see huge foot-prints by their cabins, and hear scratching on their doors.  Rick and his friends set off on a adventure that puts their lives in danger.  Do you think they can find the so-called Mega Monsters?

The Old Willis Place

This was a very fun book to read because it kept your toes on edge.  It's about 2 little kids who are actually ghosts who are not aloud to go anyway near the Willis place.  Diana and George, the ghosts, find the care keepers daughter and Diana is tempted to break the rules to make a new friend.  George is not fond of Lissa, and avoids her.  Diana and Georgie want to use Lissa to help them escape.  And their running out of time.  I would recommend this title because I love ghost stories.

Persistence of Memory

This book is about a 16 year old girl named Erin who has always believed she is schizophrenic.  She has just made it two years without any symptoms, so she was able eto attend a regular high school for a half day.  While there, she makes a friend, Marissa, and gets in contact with an old friend, Sassy.  When she starts hanging with and getting to know them better, she finds that her "alter" may not just be part of her disease but a living person.  Her and her friends try to figure everything out and try to fix it.


I would consider this book if you like mythical adventures with vampires and werewolves.  I really enjoyed reading this book and the series becasue some days I could not even put the book down!  also Stephenie is so vivis in how she explains what their thinking and what something looks like that their going to.  there is a lot of action also which really made me want to read more.  If you want to find out more then read the book!!

The Crossroads

"The Crossroads" is about a boy and his family moving to a new house by the crossroads.  In the boy's backyard, there is a tree.  A ghost is trapped in the tree.  One night, there was a bad storm.  Lightning struck the tree, letting the ghost out.   The ghost is out to take over bodies and to kill the boy.  Can the boy defeat the ghost?  Read to find out!

I would recommend thsi title.  I did enjoy reading this book because I like ghost stories.  I realte to the characters because they and I, believe in ghosts.

My Best Friend is Invisible

This book is about someone who one day finds an invisible "thing" in his bedroom.  And he cannot get the invisible person to leave no matter what he tries.  I would recommend this book because of the thrill that happens at the end.  Another reason I would recommend this book is because in my opinion this is one of R.L.