Tris and Izzie

Izzie's father dies when she is just five years old.   Her mother moves her to a non-magical part of the world to protect her from Gurmun, the evil serpent.  She believes she doesn't have magic until her mother is finally forced to tell her the truth.  Her best friend, Branna, is in love with Izzie's boyfriend.  Izzie is unaware of this and tries to find a great guy for Branna.  Izzie makes a love "philtre" or potion, but ends up taking it, along with the new guy, Tristan.  Izzie has many magical encounters during thies book, discover


I like this book because its about vampires.  It's about a girl named Rose and how she and her friend try to save the world.  Like always this book has romance, and some stuff I can't talk about.  If you think you like vampres then you should read this book.

Never Bite a Boy on the First Date

"Never Bite a Boy on the First Date" is perfect for someone who likes funny vampire stories with a little romance.  Kira is a vampire who is trying to find out who or what vampire killed her high school quarterback--Tex.  She is thinking its either 1.) a sycopath named Bowen who has a picture of the dead body on his camera, 2.) The new hot guy Daniel who she met at the murder scene -- their school after hours or 3.) An other hot guy, Milo, who she meets at the school pool & she thinks is too sweet to kill someone, or it it someone she lives with, someone she used to

The Captive part II & the Power

This book is one your imaginative & very "fantasy like" minds will devour.  Its very fast paced.  With a really Great Mystery, Conspiracy, Magic & murder.  When an Inactive witch returns to her real Origins, Treasure is discovered, Forbiden Love is awakened And a Tragic Evil Is sparked back to life In L.J. Smith's The Secret Circle. 

The Ghost Dog Secrets

The reason I liked this book was because eveeryone got what they wanted.  Ra the dog had his own family.  I wish the book was longer.  It was so good.  It was the best book I ever read.  I liked it when the Collies ghost dog was trying to tell Rusty to save Ra.  And he did.


I loved this book.  I liked how it highlighted on pixies instead of vampires and it was a very refreshing change.  This book is about a girl named Zara who just moved to Maine with her grandmother, Betty.  Main seems boring at first until a mysterious man shows up and starts stalking her.  Her new-found friends have some worries about this dark, creepy man.

Dust and Decay

This is not your typical apocalypse/Zombie book, what happens in those usually tends to bore any book reader after 2 chapters.  In Dust and Decay it will have you gripping the page and reading the next line as fast as you can.  What I loved about it thoguh was that the characters are constandly developing and adapting to their world.  They have to find new ways to do things and there is always a twist in the end.  The only bad thing is that you can tend to have a "love/hate" relationship with the main character.  But the author makes up for it by always ha


This book is an amazing continuation of L.J.

I So Don't Do Makeup

I so don't do makeup is about a girl and her ghost mom who solves a mystery together.  I would recommend this book.  I enjoyed reading this book because I can relate to the main character.  I can relate to the main character because she is just like me.


The book Shiver is a story filled with love and suspense.  I highly recommend this book to those that enjoy a good love story and has a soft spot for wolves.  I found Shiver an incredibly wonderful book, that was hard to put down.  Not to mention the emotion felt when characters, Grace and Sam, discover more about themselves, along with each other.  From the beginning to end, Shiver will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting and wanting to find out what happens next.