City of Bones

Clary is supposedly an average girl. She lives in New York, has an overprotective mother, and a goofy best friend Simon. Then one night, while at a club with Simon, life changed. Clary saw events that were suppose to be unseen to the average human's eye, and this is when she found out she has the Sight. Clary has now gotten sucked into a world that would have been her own if not for her mother. The story outlines the trials it takes to find her mother, and find herself.

Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass was an interesting book. I felt that it was somewhat dragged out and could have been better. it was a sort of murder(or maybe not!) mystery. It was full of conspiracies and that was cool. It goes through relationships between family, old and new friends, and love interests. The book overall was very good but was kind of a slow read.

The Diviners

The Diviners takes place in 1920's New York City with flapper Evie O'Neill, a young girl with a taste for excitement. She is living with her uncle as punishment for things that she did back in her hometown of Ohio. Her unusual uncle gets wrapped up in a serial killer case, and Evie and her friends all pitch in to help and solve the crime and stop the murderer. I give this book a 4; it's a long read, but worth your time!

The Raven Boys

Even though her entire family is filled with psychics, Blue has no special power. Well, she does, but her power is only in the ability to make her family's psychic powers stronger. So Blue's participation in the annual practice of hearing voices of those who will die in the upcoming year is purely supportive... Until this year when Blue is surprised to actually hear a name. "Gansey."

Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures is a very good book. It is the kind of book where you're anxious for the end, but enjoy the whole thing. Lena is new in town and is staying with her Uncle Macon, the town shut-in. Lena and her boyfriend, Ethan, have been sharing the same dream before they even met for months. They also can talk to each other, in their minds. Ethan soon finds out that Lena is a Caster, technically another word for witch, wizard, sorcerer, sorceress. On Lena's 16th birthday, she will find out if she's Dark or Light, bad or good.

The Name of the Star

"When Louisiana-born Rory moves miles away to a London Boarding school, she's prepared for the homesickness, the uniforms, the mandatory sports, and the loads of homework. What she's not prepared for are the brutal Jack the Ripper style killings that rock the city upon her arrival. The new victims match descriptions of the originals and are killed on the same day at the same time. Since the crimes can be predicted, the entirety of London waits in suspense for the next death.

Blue Bloods

This book is the first in an enticing series about Blue Bloods, more commonly known as vampires. These vampires are not the vampires that you are used to. They don't sparkle and they aren't really immortal. They are very secret and they are in charge of most everything that takes place in New York. The main character Schuller Van Alen is the daughter of one of the most powerful vampires on earth. Her best friend Oliver is instrumental in her life. Also, the imfamous twin duo Jack and Mimi Force, her cousins also claim a major role in her life.


In the FAYZ, everyone over the age of fourteen . . . gone. One minute here, one minute . . .gone. Babies, toddlers, kids and teenagers left alone in a place where dominent kids or, bullies rule. Without the help of parents, policemen, doctors, and grown-ups things have taken a turn for the worst.


Frenzy is a book six of the Dreamhouse Kings series. This series is about a steriotypical family who have moved into a house. But nothing is as it seems. Their lives were not even a quarter as exciting and scary as their lives are now. The kings family is blown into a rollercoaster of time. With twists and turns that you don't see coming. Their destiny is to fix history and change the future, but will the disasterous Taksidian foil their goal? In the course of 5 days this family has the adventure(s) of a lifetime, but will they be able to make it home in one piece?


Nikki Beckett had vanished. Now 6 months later, she's back with her family and her life, but with only six months left with them before she vanishes again how does she say good-bye. An even bigger delima is how does she tell the boy she loves that she went willingly into the Everneath, a place considered to be hell, with another boy. Now that the boy wants her back and at what cost to Nikki.