Chalked Up

I would definately recommend this book to any athlete, a gymnast, or someone who is just a fan of the sport.  The book tells about the ups, downs, & everything in between of a gymnast's life.  The book tells about Jennifer Sey's life of an aspirign gymnast.  How she learns new skills, becomes the 1987 National Champion, athlete of the year, and still has time for felling like a failure.  But maybe with the help of her family, friends, and coach Lolo, she may see that she isn't as terrible as she thought.

Hockey for Dummies

Hockey for Dummies is a must read for any hockey fan or anyone new to the sport.  It is very informative for every level-from youth leagues to the NHL.  The book thouroughly explains the rink, positions, the gear, and, of course, the rules of the game.  Even the most devoted hockey fans would learn a thing or two by reading this book.  Hockey for Dummies was an enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about hockey.

The Gorillas of Gill Park

Ellie's Chance to Dance

Ellie Brown and her mother are moving from Chicago to Oxford!  Oxford is in England near London, home of the royal Ballet School.  Ellie had tried out for theRoyal Ballet School's Junior Associates and made it!  At first Ellie wasn't sure if she wanted to move to Oxford, but now she is glad she did!


The Chicken Doesn't Skate

I read The Chicken Doesn't Skate and I think you should to.  It is an excellent book.  This book is about a science geek who creates a science fair project taht everybody is obsessed with: a chick.  They name her Henrietta.  They think she is a good luck charm for the hockey team.  She becomes the mascot.  Milo the science geek just wants to use Henrietta to show the life cycle of a link in the food chain.  The school gets connected to her and then they need to save her before she is killed for the science project.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is a book about the trials and turmoils of high school football.  Friday Night Lights surveys the sleepy town of Odessa in West Texas.  The book talks about the dedication of the town, the fans, the coaches, and most importantly, the players.  This book was a great read because of its truism and the awareness of surrounding influence by the journalist/author.

The Blind Side

Have you ever felt that you could never turn your life around or get your grades up?  If so, the Blind Side is the right book for you.  It has plenty of sports, action, and a great ending.  I recommend this especially to sprots fans.  The Blind Side is a great book full of excitement.

Find this book.

The Million Dollar Throw

The Million Dollar Throw was about a boy named Nate.  Nate won a contest to throw a football at a target to win a million dollars.  His parents are going through some rough times, so, if Nate wins, this could change his family.  Nate is worrying about the throw, but his best friend, Abby, won't let him, not with that she's going through.

I enjoyed reading this book because I like sports, so, this book was a good choice.  I would recommend this book to people who like suspense, and, of course, sports.