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The book Fang was an amazing book to read.  I think the title "fang" was a perfect title for the book.  I enjoyed reading this book becasue there was so much action in the book it was hard to put down.  I could relate to the character Max.  She didn't want to let Fang go.  I could relate that you love something or someone that you would do anything to save them.


Ender's Shadow

Ender's Shadow is a riveting science-fiction novel about a boy living in the future named Bean.  Even though he is very young and very small, hence the name Bean, he is incredibly brilliant.  After starving in the streets of the city rotterdam, his great intellect is discovered and he is sent off to Battle School, a place that trains children in the arts of war.  This is done not for the purpose of human conflicts but to prepare for another invasion by the Buggers, an alien race that has almost destroyed Earth twice.  Bean's job is to stop them!


The Hunger Games

Hunger Games is about a girl that gest picked to go into an arena to fight to the death with 23 other children.  She wins but causes an uprising in the other districts.  I loves this book because it was amazing and exciting.  I actually stayed up till 12 o'clock reading it.  If an adult was going to read a kids bok I would recommend this one.

Among the Brave

In the book "Among the Brave", a third child named Trey, who has spent his whole life hiding, goes on a life changing adventure to save his friends.  He faces chances of death many times along the way, but won't rest until he finds them.  After Trey and his friends have met up, he decided to try to overthrow the government and free all shadow children.  Read "Among the Brave" and discover how Trey saves his friends.

The Overlord Protocol (H.I.V.E.)

Hive the overlord protocol by Mark Walden was a very good book.  I liked it because there was always something happening and I was always on the edge of my seat.  This book was a fairly easy read even though it was long and took a really long time to read but still it was a really good book.  It is about two boys who go to a school for villans and one of them gets captured.  The second boy then has to save the first boy and stop the bad buy named Cypher.