Landry Park

If I could rate this book at a 6 I would! It was an awesome read with a mixture of the past and the present! It was mind blowing with interesting ideas! The secrets run high and the ending is full of surprises! This is a must read!


Aria and it's predecessor Aqua are set in Neo-Venezia on the planet Aqua, which was once Mars. Neo-Venezia is a replica of the city Venice.

This is the story of three girls trials and growth while aiming to become gondoliers, or as the are called in Neo-Venezia "Prima".

The Awakening

In New Heroes superheroes, or as they are called in their world, super humans have disappeared ten years ago on what became known as "Mystery Day".

If you've ever wished that super heroes were in their early teens instead of their twenties or later then this book is for you!


This is the last and saddest one book all the series. Tears will fall, your heart break at the end. This book shows courage ,love, hatred, respect, and heartbreats at the end. you will enjoy this story I promise.


This is the second book of the divergent series. A girl named tris experiences as she tries to figure out from right to wrong as she stay with her love as lying and dis trust happens. But over all this will increase your preview of each character.


This book is a series of three but the beginning of all. It starts with a city that is separated In to many dividements that helps keep the city under control. But there are some that can resist the serum that tests your requirements for which part of the city you belong to. All kind of falling in and out of love from people to people. By reading this story you will view a new prospective of many yet a prospective one. Enjoy this story of book one of the three of the series.

The Program

This book is definitely for those over 13. But, there is a big love triangle, struggle for all of those admitted into the Program. They strip people of their most precious memories and only let them keep those necessary.


I love this book...though the actual storyline of the book is a shocker. It is a very good written book, and you will never guess the ending. Spoiler-its sad, you will cry and cry and cry.


This is the second book in the Unwind Trilogy by Neal Shusterman.  It has been at least 4 years since I read the first book the in series, but I was able to pick up with Conner, Lev & Risa fairly quickly.  I love these characters.  Dystopian fiction at it's best!  Society has decided that the answer to the war on abortion is to allow parents to have their children "unwound" between the ages of 13 and 17.


Let me tell you, Prodigy is an amazing book! I really liked to pace that it moved at and all of the characters were totally captivating, I couldn’t put it down. The plot of the book starts with Day and June making their way to the Patriots where they team up with them. The leader of the Patriots gives Day and June an assignment, which is the death of an important person. They almost go through with it until some unexpected information surfaces. The discovery compromises everything they’ve ever worked for. In this book all of the characters are tested and pushed to their limits.