Bella Swan is a seventeen year old girl who is moving in with her dad who lives in Forks, Washington.  She would rather be in sunny Phoenix, Arizona with her mom than rainy Forks.  But that all changes when Bella meets a peculiar, young boy named Edward Cullen.  I would recommend this book to any teenage girl in thirst of a good book.   I really enjoyed reading Twilight becasue I could relate to the characters and it was interesting.


I really enjoy Twilight becasue it is very detailed and interesting.  I think I relate to Bella because we are both curious.  Twilight has romance, vampires, adn much much more!  It may take a whiel to read but it is great!

Boy-Crazy Stacey

Mr. and Mrs. Pike neet not one, but two babysitters to go with them to Sea City, for the Pike's summer vacation.  Stacey and Mary Anne took the job. 

The moment they arrive all eight children want to go to the beach.  At the beach, Stacey meets a blonde haired lifeguard that she immediately falls in love with.  While Stacey flirts with the lifeguard, Mary Anne is stuck with all eight children.  Stacey is in for a gib surprise when she finds out how Mary Anne feels, and the lifeguard may have a secret too.

Street Love

I would surely recommend this book title to everyone I know, even my teachers, becasue this book is about street so they have rapping in it, and the rapping is rhyming and I think that's really cool.  I honestly enjoyed reading this book, it was all about rapping and how the kids lived it was the second coolest book I read.  I can relate to Damien, first he loves to rap and I love to rap I have a song made now I want to get it on the radio.

The Princess

The book is about an arranged marriage between the prince and Shelby.  (main character)

I chose to write a report about this book, because its very sweet, and people can learn things from it.  I gave the 4 stars, because even though I enjoyed it, I couldn't feel complete empahty with some of the characters and their decisions.

Angel Burn

Angel Burn follows two teenagers as they try to save the world from a horrible apocalypse that no one saw coming.  The characters are easy to realte to and the plot is fast paced with plenty of hooks and surprisses to sink into.  With some romance for the girls and some action for the guys, Angel Burn is a book for any teen reader to enjoy.

A Pearl Among Princes

I recommend this book to girls who like to read about romance.  I enjoyed reading the book because you never know what is going to happen next.  I can relate to Gracepearl because I was in that same stage.

Dear John

John Tyru joined the army a while back when he considered himself a rebel.  He's on leave when he meets the girl of his dreams, Savannah Lee Curtis, two weeks was all it took.  Writing letters across seas this is a tear jearking book with an unfortunate ending.  You won't put it down!


This book is about a girl named Bella who is in love with Edward- a vampire - and best friends with a werewolf named Jacob.  There have been mysterious killings in Seattle, a malicious vampire trying to kill Bella, and many other shocking happenings.  Meanwhile, Jacob tells her that he loves her, which tears Bella into two.  I would definitely recommend this title, but only if you have read Twilight and Eclipse.

Rewind: Someties love only makes sense backwards

I loved this book because at the begging it told you what happens and then throughout the book it solves the like how the "hunky sweet newbe" turned out to be an abusive stalker to his ex.  I do recommend this tital because it was perfect for the story since it ended at the begging and started at the end this book was just amazing.  This book kinda tells the moral of "not everybody is what they seem" even the nicest cutest people have dark secreats and dark side but theres a story behind it always.  I just love this book!