The Last Song

The last song was an amazing adventure. about a girl named Ronnie, who was forced to live at ther dads house in Georgia for the summer.  Ronnie soon fell in love with a star volleyball player, who helped her through some difficult times.  I would recommend this book to any teen who is looking for a romantic read that has a twist.

Don't Call Me Ishmael

I would recommend this book.  I enjoyed it because it is about a boy who gets bullied because of his name.  I relate because I get teased about my weight.

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The book is very, very enjoyable to read and is perfect for teenage girls and preteen girls.  Dizzy is a perfect title because not only is the main characters name Dizzy but its as if her whol world has taken a spin and she doesn't know what to make of it.  That's why this book is a 5 star!

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Trading Faces

The book I read Trading Faces was about twin sisters who switched places at school.  They were very different from each other.  Payton and Emma were assigned different school schedules.  I enjoyed reading this book very much and will read the next book in the series.  This book was funny and kept my attention.  I related to this book because I am quiet and smart.


Finally was about a girl who couldn't wait to be 12.  She had a box that has all the things ther parents had to be twelve to recieve.  In cluding a cell phone, staying home alone, go to the mall alone, wear make up, get contact lenses, and many more.  So she made a list right before her birthday.  Hoever everything ends up a disaster.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever wished for something, but had to be older.  I enjoyed reading this book because it brought you in first thing.  I can really relate to the main character.

The Double Life of Zoe Flynn

Crystal Lies

Crystal Lies is a story about a teen who gets caught up with one of the worst drugs out there - crystal meth.  This book shows how hard it is to come clean.  I really think that Melody Carlson wrote this semi-disturbing book to scare teens before they make one of the biggest mistakes of their lives.  I would recommend this book & greatly enjoyed it.  I related to the mom in this story because she really had to stay strong in a tough situation like me.  I liked reading this book because it was not predictable & that makes for a good book.

Brian's Winter

I would recommend this book to all my friends that like to read books with a little thrill.  The book was very good.  I liked the way the story turned out and because it was kind of a survival book.  I don't really relate to the characters in this book.

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The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever is about sixteen-year-old Macy and how her summer turns from boring to enjoyable.  Along the way, she meets Wes who encourages her to start living her life in a whole new way that she would have never expected.  I really enjoyed reading this book because Macy changer her life so much because she wasn't happy in her old life.  It really sends a message that if you aren't happy, then do soemthign to make yourself happier.

Ellie's Chance to Dance

Ellie Brown and her mother are moving from Chicago to Oxford!  Oxford is in England near London, home of the royal Ballet School.  Ellie had tried out for theRoyal Ballet School's Junior Associates and made it!  At first Ellie wasn't sure if she wanted to move to Oxford, but now she is glad she did!