Someone Like You

When Halley gets a call from best friend Scarlett, things get hard.  First they have to deal with the death of a close friend and then you find out Scarlett's surprise.  Going back to school brings a new romance to both Scarlett and Halley.  One of the relationships ends badly while the other blossoms.  I would absolutely recommend this book to a friend.

Geek High

I loved this book.  It was about a girl who was practially a human calculator, and she doesn't like math, she liked english instead.  Well this is a book about her and her Dad, Stepmom, and stepsister, and how all of them practically hate each other (except the stepmom and stepsister).  Then it's about how they grow as a family and how Miranda does new things that she has never done at Geek High before.  I recommend this book to anyone who feels like they don't belong at their school becasue this book is all about misfits and Geeks.

Miss Popularity and the Best Friend Disaster

Hello book-lovers!  My name is K____ reporting to you a Candy Apple book called Miss Popularity and the Best Friend Disaster.  In this book 12 year old Cassie Knight is spending her 13 birthday out of her hometown Texas and in her new town Maine.  Turns out Cassie's friends Erin and Laura from Texas are comign to visit and attend her birthday up in Maine.  But all of a sudden tension builds between the Texas girls and Cassie's Maine friends.  Is this gonna be a sweet 13 or a bitter 13?


Hoot is an anazing book becasue you can relate to the chracters.  in this book a boy named Ray, who just moved to Florida from Montana, was riding on the school bus when he saw a boy his age running with no shoes on.  I would recommend this title because it is very detailed and you will never want to put the book down.

Small Steps

I read Small Steps becasue I read Holes and really enjoyed.  I really liked the forbidden love between Kaira DeLeon and Armpit.  The ticket situation with Armpit and X-Ray was great too.  One of my favorite parts was when Armpit thought that Kaira was saying "Save Me Armpit, a damsel in distress."  I thought that was really funny!  I would definitely recommend this book to any of my friends.

Confessions of a First Daughter

Confessions of a First Daughter is about a girl named Morgan Abbott whose mother is the president of the United States.  Wehn Morgan's mom has to go on a secret trip and Morgan has to cover for her.  Will it ever work out or will they be doomed to disaster read the book to find out.

One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies

I love the style of writing Sonya uses.  It makes the book so fast and intense.  You won't be able to put this book down.  The story is about how the mother dies and then she is swept away to move to L.A. with her dad she has never even met before.  He is the famous Whip Logan.  She misses her hometown at first but then she finds out some rought stuff is going on back there and she can't handle it.  She learns key parts in why she's never met her dad and feels love again.

The Poisonwood Bible

The Poisonwood Bible is an epic book about a family's missionary journey to the Congo.  Their trip takes for an unexpected turn through the church, & mysterious African calamaties.  Despite ants, floods, drought, death, & no conversions, the Price family holds onto their faith in God. Africa changes the family's life, & view of the world drastically, every life will be somehow tied to Africa all their lives. 

I enjoyed this book; it is very believable & truly shows the hardships of life in Africa.

The Report Card

If you were really smart, would you want everyone to know?  Nora doesn't.  Nora gets bad grades on tests and quizes because she thinks grades don't matter.  She wants everyone to know that.  Nora has a plan that might work to show teachers that grades don't really matter.  She take drastic measures to be noticed.

Sealed with a Diss

This book is about 5 firends who are just awarded with a secret clubhouse at their private school.  But in order to keep the club house, they have to help a girl named Skye get her dream date, and the firends need to find a date too.  These girls are rich and get whatever they want.  This isn't the best book because I don'th think it really has depth or meaning.  It's kind of a fun, easy-read.  I've read some really great books (like Savvy) and this isn't one of them.