Love, Aubrey

Love, Aubrey is a great book about an eleven year old girl named Aubrey who is living alone due to a tragic family accident.  As Aubrey is struggling to get her life back she is helped by her loving grandma and new friend.  Though she is still struggling, Aubrey manages to go to school and see counselors daily.  I hope you can enjoy reading about this wonderful journey as much as I did, and I hope that it excedes your expectations, and you love this book too!

Hold Still

Caitlin must try to go on with life without her best friend, Ingrid, who knew Caitlin better than anyone in the world.  Without the shared joy, art, laughter, and companionship of her best friend, Caitlin has to move forward with life.  This offers many challenges as Caitlin maust find new friends and joy in her favorite hobby--art.  This award-winning book by Nina LaCour is a book that many teens can connect to because at one point in life everyone wants time to "hold still". 

Wenny Has Wings

Will North & his little sister Wenny don't get along.  But when a gragic accident happens to Will and Wenny.  That puts Will in the hospital & Wenny somewhere very far away.  Will is forced to move on while Wenny is having the time of her life.  Will tries to find ways to deal with Wenny begin gone for the rest of Will's life.

Food, Girls, and Other Things I Cannot Have

This book was fun easy read and had a good story line.  Andrew Zancky was a fat noboy in middle school.  But in highschool his popularity shot up when he meets O the varcity football quarterback.  his life gets so easy he gets the girl and he becomes a very well liked person by everybody.  I would recommend this book, because it is a very surprising what will happen next type of book.  That is why I like this book.

If I Grow Up

Welcome to the Projects.  If I grow Up tells the story of DeShawn, a boy growing up in the public aide housing system.  This book gave me insight on a topic I'd never heard of, and I promptly researched this topic more.  It was hard watching DeShawn grow up through the novel, becasue he dealt with things I would never have to deal with as a teen.  i would recommend this title to anyone inerest in the other America.

M or F?

Have you ever asked a friend what you should say to your crush?  Have they helped you with a conversation over text or instant message with this crush?  Thats what Frannie does.  Marcas in there for every conversation.  But what will happen when Marcas (who's gay) start to fall for the crush, too?  Will it ruin their friendship?  I loved every page of this book. and who suggest it to anyone who loves a good laugh.


Cathrine just wanted a regular life with her brother david having Autism.  I recommend this book becasue the book is about friendship and making friends.  I enjoyed this book because I can relate to my friend and his older sister.  It reminds me of them too.

Captain Nobody

Captain Nobody is a great book!  Chris Newman is the best football player in town.  His younger brother Newt is a nobody know one talks to him or even redonizes him.  Exept for his 2 best friends.  The big game which is the last game of the year for Chris.  At the end of the game is knocked out and Halloween is coming up can Newt help save his brother and find a costume.  Or will Captain Nobody?!  I loved this book and I hope you do to.

Oh No, Newf

Oh, No Newf is about a girl named Heidi and she really wants a dog but her parents won't let her have one.  Her parents won't let her have a dog because one her mom isn't a dog person and there are too many fragile things in they house because the parents work for a museum.  one day Heidi got detention because she was trying to stop a fight.  So after detention, Heidi and her friend Avery went to the park across the street from their school and found a dog  Heidi knew her parents wouldn't approve of the dog so she hid it in a shed.  When Ashle

Change of a Dress

This book is about a girl hew works at a cleaner.  She never whanted to work there but her step mother mad her.  She makes some friends there and has fun.  But one day she finds tickets to go to a musical called Angle.  The deisinger says that he will make them dresses to wear.  When they get there Diana pretends to be some one else.  If you whant to find out what happens you will just have to read and find out for your selfs.