What Happened to Goodbye

I love Sarah Dessen, she is one of my favorite authors and I've read every book she's ever published.  What Happened to Goodbye was no different from the rest.  Mclean moves around with her dad a lot and at each place decides who she wants to be.  It was a very interesting storyline but was very realistic, just like all Sarah Dessen books.  Very good book, I will have to add it to my collection.

A Friendship for Today

A Friendship for Today, by Patricia McKissack is an inspiring story about a young African-American girl that is attending a white school.  During this change her best friend, P.J., has polio!  To make matters more surprising her used-to-be enemy is becoming friends with her!  I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too.


I would recommend this title, because there are alot of people that crank in this book.  I did enjoy reading this book because it was very addicting.  Every time I would start to read this book, I lost track of time.  I really didn't relate to any of the characters, but the one I realted to the most was the main character's little brother.  I relate to him because he always wants attention.

Love, Aubrey

This book is incredible.  LaFleur really dipicts the 11 year old Aubrey well.  You can feel what Aubrey is feeling.  You become excited when she is and sorrowful when she is.  It helped me to understand the book being a 12 year old girl.  Trouble at home leads her on an adventure and when more things arise she finds that she can release her feelings by writing.

The First Part Last

I would recommend this book because it is inspiring and it makes you think about everything and what can happen during teen pregnancy.  I enjoy reading, why, because it touched my heart and made me think about the main character and what he had to go through, I felt so sorry for him because he had no help from the mother.  I really can't relate to the story, because I never had a kid so I'm really not sure, But the "first part last" is the best and I read over again.


Exposed is the story of Chan Shealy, a teenage girl whose life is going well until she decides to look for love on the Internet.  Chan must reevaluate which aspects of her life --baton twirling, her best friend, her family--are important to her when she realizes that not everyone is who they say they are online.  I definitely enjoyed reading this suspense-filled, intensely intriguing book as it held my interest with every page.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good read, especially those naive to the dangers of talking to strangers online.

Love, Aubrey

Love, Aubrey is a really good book.  In this book Aubrey's mother left her and she has to live with her grandmother.  Aubrey feels abandoned and lonely.  Will Aubrey ever see her mom again?  You will have to read to find out.

No and Me

This book was really good book to me.  In this story, there were two main characters.  Both of them had pain each other.  The girl whose name was No had no house, and she lived in the street.  The other girl who was I in this book had pain about her family.  From this, she didn't look like a normal girl.  But after they met and during they knew each other, they touched each other.  I wanted No be her part of her lifes.  Also, No was tamed by I.  From No, I's fmaily problems were solved.  I's mother illed because her daughter died

Hate List

I really liked this book and would definately recommend it to others.  I could hardly put the book down.  There was never a boring chapter although it could get very sad at times.  I personally found that I couldn't really relate to any of the charcters but it was so easy to visualize everything and imagine how the characters were feeling.  The author did  a great job - one of my new favorite books now.

Love, Aubrey

Love, Aubrey is an amazing book!  I could barely put it down!  Love, Aubrey is about a 10 year old girl going through struggles girls her age shouldn't be going through!  She is living with her grandma, has a mom that left her & a sister & dad she just has memories of!  I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone!  young or old.