The main character goes away to boarding while her brother is in a mental hospital.  She tells everyone her brother is dead.  Then one day everything unravels.

The Outsiders

After running going to the movies, Ponyboy and Jonny are surrounded by the Socs.  When one tries to drown Ponyboy, Jonny stabs his friends.  When they run away to stay out of trouble.  They run into a church that is burning down to save the kids stuck inside.  Both Ponyboy and Jonny are hurt, will they live or die.

Sorta Like a Rock Star

I liked this book Sorta LIke a Rock Star because it showed all of the challenges that went on in the characters life.  This book shows us to never give up even if the worst things happen.  The character Amber Appleton is the "princess of hopp" and thats what I like about her.

Out of My Mind

This book is about a 11 year old girl that can't talk or walk but is very smart.  The author did a great job tell the life struggles of the girl that it made me laugh and cray.  This is a great book.  This is a book for young and old to read.  It is very interesting and educating.


Devon Davenport made a decission that would change her life forever.  When IT happened That Night, Devon's whole world flipped upside down.  She went from a honor student with a whole career of soccer ahead of her, to someone to be frowned upon in the hallways of school.  But, Devon won't be going back to school anytime soon. 

What will happen to Devon AFTER her terrible decission, AFTER she was put into a place that she would never imagine going.  What will the consequences be?


I like ABDUCTION! a lot because it was action packed and interesting.  It all started when Denny's (Matt's Father) sister bragged about her family.  Then Denny found out he had a son, this was his plans:  He would dognap the family dog, Pookie, and use Pookie as bait.  The plan was successful.  Then Bonnie (Matt's sister) found then but she knew too much Denny couldn't keep because she was ruining the plan.  So how would he get rid of her.


The first thing I liked about this book was teh cover.  Unlike most books available to kids about high school seniors, this book doens't drop cuss bombs every few sentences.  Lastly, the main character, Ben, is sarcastic which makes the book more enjoyable.  Ben makes some tough decision that most teenagers couldn't make.  He falls in love with his long time crush, Dallas.  Ben also follows his brother on the football field and cecomes a star despite his height, weight, & fate.

After Ever After

I give this book five stars because, it's a heart felt story based on true life happenings.  At times your emotionable other times not so much.  Get the tissues ready cause trust me your gonna need them.  I love this book and I bet you will love it to.  So go ahead and read it and, I bet that when your done you will feel the same way I did. 

What Happened to Goodbye

Montford Falls, Petree, Westcott, and Lakeview.  With each new city Mclean Sweet moved to she moved into a new house and school, and also a new personality.  She went from being a cheerleader, to being involved in drams, to being the all-around joiner.  So what happens to a girl who never is herself anymore and is always changing her personality, finds herself in a new town again but this time instead of a new personality Mclean finds herself being someone she hasn't been in three years - herself.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat is about a girl who is overweight, has a huge science project, and hates her ex-best friend, Matt.  Cat's science project involves her changing her lifestyle to that of a prehistoric human.  She can't use technology, eat processed foods, etc.  Through these 7 months, she learns new things about herself... and Matt.

I would recommend this book to anyone.  I loved this book!  As I read it, I felt like her.  I struggle to fit in because of my size, I want to look in the mirror and like myself.  Cat showed me I can do it.