The Fault in Our Stars

This book is soooo good! It's my favorite book. It's very touching and emotional in the last 20 pages. It's about a girl who has Stage IV thyroid cancer and she meets this boy at her support group who had osteosarcoma cancer but has no evidence of cancer in him and they fall in love. Then they go to Amsterdam together with her mom to meet this author and find out more about this book that she recommended to him and it's just a really good book and it's so touching!

Blank Confession

Shayne Blank walks into a police station and confesses to murder. Just who is Shayne Blank? He's the new kid at school. Quiet. Unassuming. But still, he seems to invite trouble which escalates when he stands up to those bullying his new friend Mikey. Is he a murderer? Or is there more here than meets the eye?

The Running Dream

Jessica lives to run. But when a tragic car crash takes her leg, Jessica is sure her life is over. As she struggles with learning to walk with a prosthetic leg, Jessica meets Rosa. Rosa has cerebral palsy and it is difficult to understand her speech. But she is a math whiz...just what Jessica needs to help her get through Algebra. As she and Rosa become friends, Jessica learns that there are many kinds of disabilities and that, just maybe, she can run again.

Dr. Bird's Advice for Sad Poets

In this book James is a sad and sensative person, whos sister was expelled from school and disowned.  He finds his sister and tires to get her to move back.  And while in the process he becomes depressed and thinks of suicide.  He starts to talk to a therapist and he tells her about his plan to get his sister to start school again and move back in.  in the end he ends up happy enough to yawp.

The Probability of Miracles

Grab the tissue box! This is one of those teen books where you have already guessed the ending, but you keep hoping for a "miracle".  When a book starts with "She hoped this is what it would  feel like in heaven", you know it can't end well. Cam is a sixteen year old that has spent the last seven years in and out of hospitals. She is crossing things off her "flamingo list" and the last thing she wants to do is move 1600 miles away to a town called Promise, Maine, a place known for miraculous events.

Small Damages

Kenzie and her friends are seniors, all with plans of doing big and wonderful things and having fun for the summer.  Kenzie has recently lost her father, she's fighting with her mother, trying to deal with her losses and  she discovers that she is pregnant. Kenzie's boyfriend, Kevin who has been supportive and loving since her father's death, suddenly becomes distant and doesn't want to deal with the problem. Her mom decides to send her off to Spain to live with a family that has found a couple to adopt her baby.

Get Well Soon

What does a girl do when her parents abandon her at a teen mental hospital with only a few clothes and the lack of her beloved music? Well, she falls in love of course! Told through the eyes of a confused teen, readers get a glimpse into the world of mental health with the fantastic addition of teenage sarcasm. Anna Bloom, the main character of Get Well Soon is very lovable despite the times where her characterization can be a bit flimsy and immature. Readers will laugh at the humorous hospital staff. This book is sure to make readers see mental health in a new light.

Pregnant Pause

"Sixteen-year-old Eleanor Crowe has a mind of her own, a husband, and a baby on the way; great combination, right? To make matters worse, Lam, her husband is a natural trouble maker with plenty of excuses and she has both her in-laws and her sister fighting to get her baby when she hasn’t even decided whether she wants it or not. Too stay married or not to stay married, to keep the baby or to give it away (and to whom), these are all the questions Eleanor has to answer before giving birth.

Hide and Seek

Hide & Seek was a very good book.  It was intense at some moments, happy and sad at others.  Its Chase's first time Geocaching alone and finds some extraordinary notes in the Geocache.

The Help

In 1962 Jackson, Mississippi, Aibileen Clark works as a maid (commonly referred to as "the help") for a white woman.  Skeeter Phelan, a while college kid coming home, wants to write a book on the opinions of black women raising white women's children.  Will any maid talk to Skeeter and risk being caught if the book is published?  The Help is realistic novel about crossing racial lines and optimism for the future.