Left to Tell

A story of finding hope and forgiveness in the Rwandan genocide, Immacuee Illbagiza recounts her horrific story of surviving.  Stuck in a three foot by four foot bathroom for ever three months with seven other woman, Immaculee rediscovers God, using prayer to stay alive.  Inspiring and terrifying, Left to Tell explains how to find forgiveness for those who have hurt you the worst.

Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide

I would highly recommend this title.  I enjoyed reading this book because it gave an in-depth and personal accoutn of every aspect of the Twilight Saga.  It describes every character; including vampires, werewolves, and humans.  There are also plot summaries, Stephenie Meyer's playlists and inspiration, and even fan artwork!  This book is great to read one chapter or cover to cover; and any Twilight lover is sure to enjoy!  Warning: this book holds all the secrets, so if you're not looking for any spoilers, watch out!

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was born to Wilhemia and his father, who was a rabi.  He began as a magician when he was 13 years of age and didn't stop until he died.  He grew up in many places, as his poor family moved frequentlly.  Performing many breathtaking feats, he is known as the greatest magician that has ever lived.  I would definitely recommend reading this book, and it was very enjoyable to read.

Soul Surfer

Soul Surfer is about Bethany Hamilton and the shark attack.  You get to see everything in Bethany's point of view.  You get to figure out what she did before and after the attack.  she never gave up and believed in God the whole way.  You shoudl read the book before the moive and now I hope to see it!

Hockey for Dummies

Hockey for Dummies is a must read for any hockey fan or anyone new to the sport.  It is very informative for every level-from youth leagues to the NHL.  The book thouroughly explains the rink, positions, the gear, and, of course, the rules of the game.  Even the most devoted hockey fans would learn a thing or two by reading this book.  Hockey for Dummies was an enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about hockey.

Theater Geek

Boys and Girls of Colonial Days

This is a wonderful book.  It has many differnt stories in it about boys and girls that lived around the Revolutionary War.  There are 15 stories, and they are very short.  The whole book is only 53 pages.  There are Indians, soldiers, and children that are ages 8 to 16.

I would recommend this book to anyone.  I really enjoyed reading this book, every little chapter because the children are good and they were very brave for our country.  I hope I can be as helpful and brave for other people and my country as they were.

Taylor Swift: Her Song

The book is called "Taylor Swift her song".  I would recommend this book if you like Taylor or if you like country music.  I did enjoy reading this book because I learned a lot.

Dark Labyrinths

The book "Dark Labyrinths" is about under ground things like "a ghost town, subway, passages to hid in World War II, a chamber hidin by clay sloders" and a bunch more.  But I like the book becasue its tru and also becasue its fiction.  The Reason I got the book is because The front cover, it is so eyecatchign and I love those kind of books.  I Love the Books

Seabiscuit: An American Legend

"Seabiscuit" is a wonderful, easy-to-read book which introduces the reader to horse racing.  Page by page takes you through the racing world of thoroughbreds & jockeys.  Seabiscuit is a little brown thoroughbred that is discovered to have amazing speed on the track.  Through love & devotion, Seabiscuit flips history upside down forming an american legend.  The story of SEabiscuit is a sotry of faith and belief in what everyone else sees as hopeless.