Indian Captive

Indian Captive is the true story of Mary Jemisen's childhood with the Seneca Indians.  I highly recommend to anyone aged 11-15.  On a spring day in 1758, in modern day New York, young Mary Jemison and her family are captureed by Native Americans.  Mary is separated from her family and adopted into the Seneca tribe with the new name Corn Tussel.  She faces both hardship  and happiness as she learns to accept her new life.  Finally, she must make a choice that will alter her future forever.  I admire Corn Tassel's strenth and courage.

Titanic: Voices from the Disaster

In the book Titanic it tells about real people who were on the Titanic.  It shows pictures of what the Titanic looked like.  It also describes exactly how and when the Titanic sank.  It reminds people of how shocking it was when the most luxurious and so called safe ship sank in the Northern Atlantic.  It tells of when it was found in the 80's.  And of how courageous everyone who had anything to do with the Titanic was.

Shelter Dogs

There is one word for this book Incredible.  I would recommend you to put this book on the books for free.  I love dogs so I really enjoyed reading this book and that the stories were so heart warming and when I came home from school when I was reading it I have to give my dog a huge hug.  That is how good it is.

A Child Called "It"

I would recommend A Child Called It because it was an intriguing autobiography about a young boys survival from abuse.  I really enjoyed this book because of the emotion from the writing.  The book really pulls you into his story and you don't want to stop reading.


This book was about how women can become truely captivating women under the weight and pressure of the world.  The book described how the feminine heart can be restored back to what God created it to be.  I loved the book and learned many things.  I definitely would recommend this book to any women or teenage girl.

The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

This book is about a real kid who becomes a movie star.  They tell you all the secrets behind the movie.  It tell you every thing from how the became stars to putting it on screen.  I enjoyed the book alot and I would recommend it.

90 Minutes in Heaven

90 minutes in heaven is the impossible true story of Don Pipers journey to heaven and back.  It tells about what he saw, heard, and preached about afterwards.  He is a living exampble of Gods great gifts to us.  This book is great because it tells about how we can change others lives.


I loved this book because it got your mind spinning, and it made you want to keep reading.  I also loved it because you kind of got to know Joni, and it showed you all the difficulties she had in her life and how benefitted we are to have the lives we have everyday.  I really enjoyed reading this book and I would definately recommend this title.

Jesus and His Times

I would recommend this title becasue you get to experience and understand the customs and ways of New Testament times.  Also, accompany the apostles as they spread the word of Jesus Christ.  I enjoy reading this book because it includes lots of information, and it's easy to understand.

Chalked Up

I would definately recommend this book to any athlete, a gymnast, or someone who is just a fan of the sport.  The book tells about the ups, downs, & everything in between of a gymnast's life.  The book tells about Jennifer Sey's life of an aspirign gymnast.  How she learns new skills, becomes the 1987 National Champion, athlete of the year, and still has time for felling like a failure.  But maybe with the help of her family, friends, and coach Lolo, she may see that she isn't as terrible as she thought.