Hurricane Joe

This book is about false hurricane reports.  When everyone evacuates to shelters the houses get robbed.  In the end the Hardy Brothers find the criminals.  I would recommend this book to others.  I enjoyed reading this book.  I relate to the characters because I also like solving mysteries.

The Whispering Statue

Nancy Drew The Whispering Statue is a 5 star book.  In this book Nnacy is work on trying to find the whispering statue along with a case for a lady who i sgetting ripped off.  Nancy, Bess, and George have to go to the country club but before they go there Nancy dresses up as a girl named Debbie Lyn Brook.  So no one will recognize her when she's trying to solve the mysteries.  Theis is a great book to read.  I hope you read it, its great.

Potato Chip Puzzles

I would recommend this book to people who love puzzles.  It's a good book because it's about a boy who loves puzles and his team who compete in a competition and try to win money for his school.  Also, I enjoyed reading this book because it is a book that keeps you on your toes.

The Potato Chip Puzzles

This book takes you into a puzzle lovers life.  When he solves a puzzle it leads him into a puzzle contest.  I would definately recommend it.  I enjoyed reading this book beause it shows you each puzzle so you can solve it.  I related to it because I like to solve puzzles like they did. 

The Dead Man in Indian Creek

The Dead Man in Indian Creek would be a book that I would definitely recommend to another reader.  I enjoyed this book a lot because it keeps you on the edge of yoru seat.  Once you start this book you won't be able to put it down.

True Blue

True Blue is a story about Mace Perry, an ex-Police officer who was framed for a burglary.  After serving time in prison she decides that she will do whatever it takes to get back on the police force.  She teams up with a lawyer named Roy and together they try to solve a case.  I thought this book was a good read.  I enjoyed it but I do hope there is a sequel that was hinted at in the end because there are still some mysteries concerning Mace's past to be resolved.

Lights, Camera, ...

I would definately recommend Lights, Camera... to someone who loves a subtle mystery.  Nancy Drew gets cast in a movie being filmed in her hometown.  Once they start filming, the problems begin.  Random fires are set, computers are ruined, food poisoning spreads, and generators are broken during the course of the movie filming.  If Nancy doesn't find suspects soon, this will be her first and last act.  I enjoyed reading Lights, Camera... because most mysteries are somewhat, if not completely obvious, but this one was more difficult.

The 100-Year-Old Secret

The book The 100-Year-Old Secret was decent.  I think it would be better for children under 10.  It was a little unrealistic, but that's why it is fun to read.  It's about Xena and Xander, who are brother and sister, solve unfinished crimes by their deceased relative Sherlock Holmes.  In this book they are trying to find a painting that went missing 100 years ago.  Overall it was a god book that taught me deductive reasoning and how workign together can get you alot of answers.

Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy Drew finds her first detective case when runs along two aunts tryign to rais their neice off of very little.  They tell Nancy they had a relative, Josiah Crowley, who promised to put them in his will.  When he goes to live with the Tophams for a couple years, though, in his will all money goes to the Tophams.  Nancy feels bad for them and wants to find another will the aunts heard rumors about.  Along this mystery Nancy meets more relatives with the same story.  Getting some proffesional help from her dad Nancy goes searching.  I love mysteries and this o

Kiss of Death

I really did enjoy this book, because it was full of mysteries and was also full of Scarlett's, the main character, past.  Yes, I woudl recommend this title.  I related to Scarlett the most, because her and I woudl stand up to any guy, tell them how we feel, and if they arent' going to help you fix your problem, then we hang up on them.  Then after we hang up we sit there for a whiel and if he doesn't call back then we put the phone away & get on with our life.