I enjoyed reading this book a lot.  It was about a girl who moves to a different state & can only trust 1 person, a ghost.  I could relate to the characters because I had to move & I knew no one @ first.  The only part I would change is the title.  Other than that, it was a pretty good book!  I recommend reading it.

Beyond the Grave

For Amy and Dan Cahil, the 39 clues hunt leads them to Egypt, where they only have the slimist hint to guide them.  They recieved (or stole) a luxerous hotel card, and got a 7-level suite.  It was also the home to the Ekat stronghold, where they find 3 Sakhets, but each one of the 3 had a secret compartment, except a 4th one which was solid, no strap.  They were, trapped in the stronghold, got rescued by Nellie, and escaped to a friend of Grace Cahil.  Grace had a package for Amy and Dan which contained the real Sakhet.  They found a compartment & note, which le

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty little liars is a book about 4 girls whos best friend disappeared in 7th grade.  After the girls best friend disappeared they kind of drifted apart.  But when their best friend is found dead they try to friends again.  But that also mean they have to try and find out who A is too.

Magic and Other Misdemeanors

I would recommend this title because this book is fun to read and is mixed with reality and fairy tales.  I enjoyed reading this book because the characters are funny, odd, and cool.  I would relate to Sabrina because she is my age and she is not afraid of anything. 

Smells Like Dog

The book starts out with a young farm boy whose Uncle was killed by a mutant turtle.  From his Uncle a treasure "smelling"/finding dog who finds the most important map ever.  Home and Dog have so many adventures with secrets to go along.  But if you want to know the story and how it ends you will have to find and read this book.  Are you interested yet?

The Mystery of Disney World

Children go with grandparents to Disney World so grandma can write a mystery, but along the way they have to solve their own mystery.  I would recommend this story if you like mysteries and Disney World.  I learned a lot about Disney World because it talked about Walt and the history of Disney World.

Secrets of Camp Nokomis

When Rebecca has to leave her friend at home and go to camp because of polio, she is determined to make a new friend.  The spunky redhead in her tent is mean and selfish to Rebecca.  Another small girl is quiet and barely ever seen, is she hiding somethign?  Rebecca just wnats to have fun and make friends.  But with spooky tales and pranks, its going to be harder than Rebecca thought!  I recommend this story to any girl, who enjoys a mystery.  I loved this book!!


I just got done reading a book by Peg Kehret called Trapped.  I would recommend this book because it had alot of action and mysteries.  I enjoyed this book because it envolved two different point of views of the situation, One of the cat (Pete) and the other of the kids.  I think you should read this book if you like mysteries and talking animals.

In Too Deep

39 Clues Book 6 is definitely a book I would recommend to all my friends because it is so action filled and full of suspence.  I really enjoyed reading this book because I like books that leave you hanging at the end.  I can relate to Dan because he had a lot of trouble breathing sometimes just like me. 


Clarity is an amazing book that is not just for girls to read, I am sure that if some boys would give it a chance they would love it!  This book is about a family of psychics or "freaks" as their neighbors think of them as.  Once one of the tourists that is visiting is killed, people turn to Clarity for ehlp to figure out the crime and who committed it.  If you like murder mysteries, then you should definately read this book!  For a while Clarity is not accepted into the job that she is given to solve the crime.