Gosick, vol 1

Join Kazuya Kujo, a Japanese transfer student; and Victorique de Blois, a beautiful, yet mysterious young girl who spends her life in the library, as they solve the mystery of the ghost ship "Queen Berry".

The year is 1924, and Kazuya and Victorique find themselves in a race against time as they solve the mystery of the murders on the "Queen Berry" before the ship takes them and many others to the bottom of the sea. 

Fans of Sherlock Holmes will enjoy this fast paced mystery-horror novel.

Bad Kitty

I liked the book because it was about a girl who always seems to get in a lot of trouble.  The girl has great friends who are always there for her.  For the first time, this book shows you a good stepmother.  This story is always taking turns and it is full of suspense and mystery.  The outcome is one that is not expected, because the criminal is one not expected.

The Last Echo

Everything about Violet's life is normal except she can hear dead people's echoes.  She works with her team who solves cold cases, and mysteries that detectives can't.  But when she stumbles on a dead college girl murdered by the collector she wonders just how far this case goes.  And when she finds he looking for another piece to his collection and she just may have caught his eye, she wonders if the next life she saves will be hers.  I like this book because it has so much action and adventure.

The Karate Mouse

Geronimo and his friend, Bruce, are in a training for a karate championship and Geronimo has a week to train and then he wins the whole thing!

The Westing Game

When 16 most unexpected inheritors meet for the reading of the will, they find out the deceased was murdered.  The will says one of them is the murderer.  When they realize they all live in the same apartment complex and a blizard is on its way, they are terrified to be snowbound with a murderer.  You will enjoy how funny, intelligent, and unpredictable this book is.

I So Don't Do Makeup

I so don't do makeup is about a girl and her ghost mom who solves a mystery together.  I would recommend this book.  I enjoyed reading this book because I can relate to the main character.  I can relate to the main character because she is just like me.

Shadow Horse

Alison Hart's, Shadow Horse is a great book.  I would recommend this book to all horse lovers.  Jas is accused of using a hoofpick to cut Hugh Robicheauz in the face becase Jas thinks Hugh killed her favorite horse Whirlwind.  Her grandfather was in such a shock he had a stroke on the spot and was sent to the hospital and soon a nursing home to recover.  Jas has nowhere else to go so she is sent into foster care.  She is so excited when she finds out her foster home has horses but is greatly disappointed that these horses can't be ridden.  Second Chance

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole is a book about a thirteen year old girl named Ingrid Levin-Hill who is faced with a mysterious murder.  She encounters scary adventures, police, and even boy trouble, while she's in the play, Alice in Wonderland.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat, mystery that keeps you guessing until the end.  I give this book a big two thumbs-up!

Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things

I LOVE this book!  I would recommedn the Sammy Keyes series to everyone!  I enjoyed reading the book along with the others in the sereis because of the great characters Wendelin has created and the attitudes she has given them.  The mysteries are great with plots that always keep my head spinning and the book in my hands.  Sammy in the Wild Things book goes backpacking with condor-crazy girl scouts.  But what will happen to Sammy & her friends when the lookout is broken into, girls go missing, shots are heard and there's a wanna-be condor that caws.  YO


I chose this book based on my life of this author.  I would recommend this if you like mystery.  It's intriguing because of the different points of view from different people.  There were some parts in the book that I didn't think was necessary.  There were also characters that were very poorly developed.  I have read most of her other books and this one so far is my least favorite.