Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass was an interesting book. I felt that it was somewhat dragged out and could have been better. it was a sort of murder(or maybe not!) mystery. It was full of conspiracies and that was cool. It goes through relationships between family, old and new friends, and love interests. The book overall was very good but was kind of a slow read.

The Diviners

The Diviners takes place in 1920's New York City with flapper Evie O'Neill, a young girl with a taste for excitement. She is living with her uncle as punishment for things that she did back in her hometown of Ohio. Her unusual uncle gets wrapped up in a serial killer case, and Evie and her friends all pitch in to help and solve the crime and stop the murderer. I give this book a 4; it's a long read, but worth your time!

The Butterfly Clues

Penelope ""Lo"" is OCD; a condition that has worsened since the death of her beloved older brother. It also leads her to the murder of a young woman from a seedy area of town. It puts her in grave danger, but she also finds a young man who can see past her problems.

The OCD aspect makes Penelope's character very interesting.  But the view of homeless young people is a little too glossy and the connection she finds between herself and the murder victim are a little to neatly woven.

The Testing

In another dystopian American future, Cia Vale lives in a society that selects certain students from different districts to participate in ""The Testing"" - a gruesome and deadly set of trials that decides what 20 teenagers across the country can attend university.  Cia's father survived The Testing when he was a teenager and has been haunted by vague but horrifying nightmares ever since and he sends her off with one warning: Trust no one.


Emery Land is a teenage girl whose life is consumed by being an experiment for her scientist/ doctor dad and his team of doctors. But all Emery wants is to be a normal teenage girl who isn’t under a microscopic eye all of the time because of what she calls her “loops” which cause her to have constant seizures. Emery is sure that her loops is her time traveling because she feels herself in the dream-like loops. She begins to feel that her loops are leading her somewhere after breaking out of her prison of a hospital. What is leading her to? and where? What is causing them?

I So Don't Do Famous

I So Don't Do Famous is a book I definitely enjoyed reading. It is a mix of an everyday teenager's life, but with a mystery. Sherry wins a contest, and the prize is a trip to Hollywood. Not everything goes according to plan, though, like when Sherry finds herself solving the mystery of the Beverly Hills Bandits. This book was so well written, I felt like I was part of the mystery! This is an amazing book, and I would suggest it to everyone!

Cause of Death

Dr. Scarpetta is involved in a murder of her friend Ted Eddings. She believes he didn't just drown, which is what most people thought. She thinks he was murdered and poisned. I like that the book was a good page-turner, but I did not like how it ended so short. It seemed as if it wasn't finished.

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

Thirteen-year-old Theodore Boon dreams of being a lawyer when he grows up. When he finds out a man named Peter Duffy is in court for killing his wife, Theo decides he must help solve the mystery. There is no proof that Mr. Duffy did it so it is harder to prove him guilty, but Theo finds out some crucial information about the trial that would change ii and what would happen to Pete Duffy.

Paper Towns

Paper Towns is about a boy following clues to find his friend as he learns who she really is. I liked this book because it was a mystery and a drama at the same time. The main character was incredibly relatable. As a high-schooler, I found this book to be very insightful and genuine.

Nancy Drew and the Haunted Bridge

Nancy's father asks her to hlep track down a gang of jewel theives at a golf course and hotel. While there, Nancy's friends convince her to join the tournament but she hurts her wrist part way through. Now, Nancy has to compete with a haunted bridge, a hurt wrist, and other golfers in the tournament, as well as the gang of theives to find out who is innocent, who is guilty, and where the jewels are.