Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Greg Heffley is an ordinary kid thats going into his first year of middle school.  His best friend is a kid whose name is Rowley.  Greg's mom got him a diary when Greg specifically asked his mom to get him a Journal.  I would definitely would recommend this book series.  I enjoyed this book so much because it's an easy read, also it's very funny.

The Great Brain

This book is a funny story about a boy in Utah who swindles one and all.  His name is Tom.  I like this book because he is a boy who has adventures and solves crime.  This is a good book for kid to read because he is the best example.

Surviving the Applewhites

This novel is about a "bad" kid who spends his summer with the crazy Applewhites.  Jake Semple is paired with the only organized Applewhite, E.D., in the homeschool program.  Jake is also in the community play.  Suddenly, Jake Semple no longer wants to be know as the "bad" kid.  Along the way, Jake picks up a talkative child and a loveable dog.