The Shining

It was a good book but it took a little while to get into the action.  Once it did get into the action it was hard to put down!  Though at some parts it was too thrilling for my taste.  Overall it was a very intriguing book!

Blood and Chocolate

I gave this book four stars because it was very well written.  It could have had less kissing and lovie dovie moments and more action.  From the first page, the book captures me.  I highly recommend this book to those who love werewolves, love rivalries, battles, and devious plots to destroy someone. Happy reading!

Darkness Creeping

I really enjoyed "Darkness Creeping", because I love scary stories.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves really scary books.  This book was unique because It didn't have just one or two scary stories, it had 20 "Twisted Tales".  If you read this book, you are guaranteed to love it!

The Awakening

Elena Gilbert is the most popular girl in school.  Stefan Salvatore moves to Mystic Falls and falls in love with Elena.  Elena resembles Katherine from 1864, Stefans love.  Stefan and his brother Damon are vampires.  They are both trying to get Elena.  Elena and Damon are friends but have a very weak friendship.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes vampire stories.

Prodigal Son

I recommend this title.  I enjoyed reading this book.  Action, suspense, and thriller are the best genres.  I realted to Connelley because she is a good person who fights for what is right.

Dreams of the Dead

I loved Dreams of the Dead because it is so horrific and, well... twisted.  I wouldn't dare hesitate to recommend this book to my friends.  I was so excited when I heard it was part of a series and I have read 2/3 of them.  If you do take my advice and you check out this amazing series, then I am very confident you will love and adore every word of it. 

Eighth Grade Bites

I would recommend this book because of the thought and overwhelming power it gave me.  I enjoyed this book because it was action packed and full of adventure.  Vlad really was a very interesting character that I grew to know throughout the book.  His secret crush just added to the excitment.  Henry Vlad friend through it all really supported Vlad (when he was around) and helped him through his struggles.  Otis Otis had a great twist on the story and I enjoyed it a lot.  in all I would recommend this book for someone sho loves a good story!

Thirteen Days to Midnight

You Are Indestructible.  Those words permanently change the live of Jacob Fielding.  With them Jacob earns an astonishing and addicting power.  Immortality.  He can walk through fire, be shot, and stabbed without feeling any pain.  When he shares this secret with his best friend, Milo, and his girlfriend, Ophelia, they suggest an interesting idea: to use the power to save people's life's.  But how do you choose who lives and who dies?  Worst still are the consequences that are yet unknow to Jacob.  Carman creates a thriller that's equal pa

My Best Friend is Invisible

This book is about someone who one day finds an invisible "thing" in his bedroom.  And he cannot get the invisible person to leave no matter what he tries.  I would recommend this book because of the thrill that happens at the end.  Another reason I would recommend this book is because in my opinion this is one of R.L.

Project 17

The basic plot of the book is 6 teens stay overnight in an abandoned assylum to film a documentary.   Rumor has it the place is haunted...  The story is told in first person alternating narrators; each of the main characters teels part of the story.  It does have a creepy feel, and while it ends alright, it isn't a true "happy" ending.  More like real life, it all work sout, but they don't all "live happily ever after".  One thing  I did not like was the language.  There was frequent cussing, which I found unnecessary.