City of Bones

Clary is supposedly an average girl. She lives in New York, has an overprotective mother, and a goofy best friend Simon. Then one night, while at a club with Simon, life changed. Clary saw events that were suppose to be unseen to the average human's eye, and this is when she found out she has the Sight. Clary has now gotten sucked into a world that would have been her own if not for her mother. The story outlines the trials it takes to find her mother, and find herself.

Eleventh Grade Burns

Eleventh Grade Burns is the 4th book in the book series Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. In this book Vladimirs ex-friend and a vampire slayer, Joss, moves back to Bathory after attempting to kill Vladimir a 1st time. He is back to finish the job. With Vlad's uncle, Otis, in trouble with Elysia, a fellow vampire who wants a taste of his blood, another vampire who wishes Vlad dead and an ex-girlfirend who is demanding answers, Vladimir Tod learns that eleventh grade really does burn.

Sons of Destiny

Darren Shan's Sons of Destiny is the last book of the Cirque Du Freak series. I love this book because the first 11 books lead up to this betrail of the bloodbrothers of Desmond tiny. Also how Harakat Mulds and there friends help fight agents the evil rain of Steve Lepords Vampanze. Fighting the death of dear friends to take down Steve Monarchy. From the cliff hangers to the death of his dear mentor Larten Creepsly and pairs Skyle a fellow prince and to the final death Darren Shan vampire prince.

Brothers to the Death

If you look for death, love, gore, mystery, and suspense all 1 book, this is the book for you! Being the last book in the Saga of Larten Creepsley series, it comes at you in a shower of sparks. Come read how the last part of Lartens life was, and how it came to him meeting up with Darren! Do not miss this book.

Trials of Death

I liked this book because it is very easy to get into. The author does not use an enormous amount of deatils which lets the story keep progressing without getting boring. Now I am eager to read the rest of the series.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I liked this book because it had some historical facts but also had a lot of action. I thought it was cool how the author turned important people into vampires or in Abraham Lincolns case, vampire hunter. It also shows how hard it was to live back then. I also liked how the book was divided up into 3 sections, (Boy, Vampire Hunter, President). My favorite section was the ending of "Boy" and the beginning of "Vampire Hunter" because thats when we are still learning about vampires and so is Abraham. Overall it was a great book and I didn't dislike anything. 

The Devouring

For anyone who loves suspense, goosebumps, and anxiety, The Devouring is for you.  Your heart races, the hair on the back of your neck rises, and you can't wait to turn the page.  The book casts you there to what Reggie, one of the main characters is feeling and experiencing.  You will feel anger, fear, dread, joy, and sympathy with the book characters.  If you love the Devouring, don't forget to read the other two: Soulstice and Fearscape.

City of Lost Souls

In City of Lost Souls, Clary joins Jace and Sebastian to tell her friends what this plan is.  I like this book because Clary won't give into seeing Jace but to try to save him while still blending in with Sebastian's evilness.

The Scarecrow walks at Midnight

Jody & Mark visit there grandma and grandpa.  But there is something wrong.  They see scarecrows twitching and blinking.  Read it to find out what happens.  I love this book.  You should read it because it is very suspenseful and it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the book.

Eighth Grade Bites

I liked this book because it was suspenseful and compelling.  In the story a boy named Vladimir Todd is suspcious about one of his teachers disappearing, but even more suspecious about his replacement, Mr. Otis.  But there's an even deeper darker story behind it all.