Caddie Woodlawn

Around the same time as Laura Ingalls, Caddie Woodlawn loved running wild, with her two brother, Tom and Warren.  Together, they swam in the river, made friends with the Indians, had troubles at school and a refined cousin from Boston visited.  At the end, she has grown mature through the events of the past eyar.  I enjoyed the book and always will.

The Creation of Eve

Pride and Prejudice

I would definitely recommend this book.  Though it may be difficult to read at first because the author changes who is speaking without identifying the character, watching the movie first helps you understand what is going on better.  At the same time the movie never compares to the book.  The book gives more information and has a thicker plot than what the movie had time for.  The book holds up great virtues of marrying for the reason of love rather than money.

Bachelor Girl

Miss Spitfire

I enjoyed reading Miss Spitfire.  It is about Miss Annie, who teaches Helen Keller.  Miss Annie was blind but had gotten surgery so she can see.   Miss Annie finds it impossible to teach Helen.  finally, Helen learns "water" and that opens the door to many more words and lots of learning.  I would recommend this book because it is an exciting story with lots of interesting details about characters.

The Truth About Sparrows

Sadie Wynn and her family have to move from Missouri to Texas and leave their old life behind to start a new one.  In Texas, the meet some very wonderful people, including their new neightbors and best friends, the Gillems.  Sadie learns a lot throughout this story like what friendship means and how to forgive.  This is truly a great story that shows affection and love thorugh a teenagers' perspecitive.  I enjoyed reading this book very much and would recommend it to anyone who woants an adventure but also seeks friendship.  Enjoy!

Fever 1793

I enjoyed Fever of 1793  so I would recommend this book.  It has excitement, energy sadness, and hope to get a girl all the way through the fever.  I can relate to the main character, Mattie Cook, because she's a dreamer and hates work.

Hoofbeats: Margret & Flynn