Dancer Daughter Triator Spy

I’d give the book, Dancer Daughter Traitor Spy, two stars because I didn’t know what was going on half the time. It’s about this Russian ballet dancer, Marya. She and her mother have a special gift. She gets random visions of the future while her mom gets them from the past. One day her mom gets secret information from one of her visions. The KGB “put her away” and it forces Marya and her dad and uncle to the United States to hide.

Dark Unwinding

"""Dark Unwinding"" is like a steampunked version of ""Jane Eyre"". Katharine, the protagonist, shares similar characteristics with Jane, and also struggles to balance duty and happiness. Katharine is a smart girl who has lived her whole life under the thumb of her overbearing aunt. She has no money, no marriage prospects, and few skills. Katharine balances the books and knows if she can protect the family fortune, she can live on as her spoiled cousin's bookkeeper.

Blown Away!

It is a good book told from the perspective of a boy that lives in the Florida Keys. He lives with his sister Star and his parents. They live in a house inland on stilts. Jake helps an older man named Sharkey with work and his dog and donkey. They live happily untill a storm comes close. I liked this book because of its action and adventure in it. The end was bad though because bad things happened and wasn't a happy ending. 

Prada and Prejudice

I really enjoyed this book because you really get captured in the moment. The author makes the characters likeable and makes it easy to understand their feelings. The plot is one you may have read before but with many twists so you won't know what will happen next.

Phantoms in the Snow

In the book Noah is sent to live with his uncle becose his perents are dead. his uncle is in the millitary. he is then trained and sent to fight. he and his uncle argue sometimes.

Kaya and the Lone Dog

I like this book because it is an interesting story. Kaya is a good friend to the lone dog that she saw near the tribe starving. Kaya feeds the dog every day. The lone dog does not like Kaya's tribe. Then Kaya keeps one puppy name Talto.

Spirit's Princess

Spirit's Princess is about a girl named Himiko who is the daughter of the chieftan of the Matsu. When an accident causes Himiko's leg to break, it heals crooked. Himiko thinks she is useless. Until she is taken on as a shaman's apprentice -  in secret. She also finds another village - the Shika, whom she finds friends in. Filled with secrecy and surprises, Spirit's Princess, is a well written book that anyone will enjoy. 

Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain is a historical fiction that takes place during the American Revolution.  I'm not much of a historical fiction kind of guy but I thought this was a pretty good book.  The author makes it fun and easy to read.

The Help

In 1962 Jackson, Mississippi, Aibileen Clark works as a maid (commonly referred to as "the help") for a white woman.  Skeeter Phelan, a while college kid coming home, wants to write a book on the opinions of black women raising white women's children.  Will any maid talk to Skeeter and risk being caught if the book is published?  The Help is realistic novel about crossing racial lines and optimism for the future. 

A Spy on the Home Front

 I like this book because it is an exciting mystery about World War II.  About a girl who would do anything to help her German friend.  The girls go through exciting, yet dangerous things.  Until they discover a secret.  That even on the home front, wartime changes friends and family forever.