I would recommend this book to people that are going to get braces.  I loved reading this book because I am going to have to get braces.  And this book she is going into 7th grade.  And that the grade that I am going in.  So when you read this book your going to smile.


I would recommend thsi title because I think it describes the story well.  I really enjoy this book becasue I could relate to Raina.  I had bad teeth but not as bad as hers.  I related to Raina because I know what it's like to have braces.  I think we could both agree that even though it's a pain to go through braces and all the gadgets, it's worth it in the end, because you have a beautiful smile.

Nabari No Ou, Volume 1

Fairy Tail, Volume 1

In a world like ours but with monsters & magic.  Lucy, the main character, is a celestial wizard.  (someone who usues keys to summon creatures) Lucy is trying to get in a guild called Fairy Tail.  One day she runs inot someone in the guild and goes to a party he's hosting.  While at the party, she finds out he's a fake.  A real member eliminates him and giver her a spot on the team.  They have many adventures yet to come...

Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice is a manga about a school for the gifted.  Here students may not contact the outside world.  While the school is a happy place to most, there is more then meets the eye.

A good manga for teens that has a bit of everything.