The Memory Bank

Honey Scroggins had the perfect life, all up until her ungrateful parents told her to 'forget'.  They told her to forget her little sister, Hope, sho they had willingly dropped off on the side of the road one day, and never returned.  Honey then turned to sleeping.  She slept as much as she could, until one day, a delivery man came and picked her up.  he was taking her to the WWMB-World Wide Memory Bank.  Once there, she discovers that this could be the answer to finding Hope.  Can Honey find her way back to happiness, and her sister?

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss follows a Senior in high school named Anna as she leaves everything she knows and loves behind and is forced to go to a boarding school in Paris.  She thinks that she'll hate it in France, that is until she meets Etienne St.

Sweet Treats and Secret Crushes

The book was a great read for what I enjoy.  In a book, the title should be catchy like this one.  The book is about three best friends and how their relationship changes because of secret crushes.  To become closer, the girls hand out fortune cookies to their entire apartment complex.  You'll have to read it to see how things turn out!  Good luck!

Is Everyone Moonburned But Me?

Is Everyone Moonburned but Me? is a great story because it talks about three children dealing with a divorce.  Both parents are dating but the kids don't like that.  Hannah wants to live with her father because she doesn't think her mother cares about her.  I can relate to the children because their are three children in my family too.  Eventually Hannah relaizes her family loves her for who she is and stays.  Is Everyone Moonburned but Me? is funny story that everyone should read.  

Moving Day

I liked this book because it talks about friendships.  When Allie's mom and dad tell Allie that they are moving.  Allie trys to stop them from moving.  She doesn't want to go to a different school or make new friends and most of all moving.  Find out if Allie Finkle has to move by reading this book (Allie Finkle Rules for Girls Moving Day.)

The Nightmare at the Book Fair

The nightmare at the book fair is a book about a kid who gets stuck in all of this different books.  Each chapter is a different book.  I enjoyed reading this book because it had different stories instead of just one long story.  I would recommend this title because I think all readers would enjoy it.  The book has stories about humor, horror, sports, parties and lots more.  Its all combined into one book.

Friends for Life!

The english Roses are 5 best friends who live in london.  Binah lost her mom young and often plays that role as a motherly figure for her brother.  Grace is a very sporty girl who loves soccer and is very good at it.  Amy is a fasionista who loves to shop and will always have a tube of lipstick and a fashion magazine with her.  Charlotte likes to ride her pony and one thing she does better than anyone she knows.  Niede is a goody-goody.  The Roses all connect to me in one way or another binah is serious grace a jock Amy Fashionista, Charolette little miss Innoc

See You Soon, Samantha

A girl named Samantha is going on summer vacation to North Carolina, and she's not too thrilled because her friends will be gone.  I would be a little sad without my firends too.  But I would love bing on a beach on vacation.  So I do feel the same way as Samantha.  Samantha still found a few ways to have a really fun summer.  I loved this book but was a little slow in the start.  I would recommend this book.

When Pigs Fly

I would recommend this book to anyone!   I've read this book twice and the ending always makes me happy and sad.  It starts off with a family living in a normal house.  All that changes when they get low in money.  Buddy is always looking after her little sister, Reenie.  But it switches around during an accident.  All the kids tease Reenie because she's disabled.  Everyone but Dallas.  Jiniwin and Buddy have been best friends since before kindergarten.  But one fight almost ended it!  I really recommend this book!

Mud-Puddle Poodle

I would recommend this title because it is fun, funny, and has a twist to the end.  Rosei wants a puppy, a poodle and her 4 other brothers want one too.  So they have to do a jgame.  What game I can't tell you.  But if you like a Twist read Mud Puddle Poodle.