I really loved this book because they continued the series of Warriors.  This book is also about casts, one of my favorite animals.  I also love it because every time I look at a stray cat, I wonder if it's from a Clan.  I also get to imagine what it would be like to be from a Clan.

How Not to Be Popular

In the book, How Not to be Popular, Sugar or Maggie as they call her, is having to move, once again, and start her life over.  This time is different because this time she has to leave her beloved boyfriend Trevor.  When she goes to school she decides she is tired of making relationships then having to leave so Maggie comes up with an operation on how not to be popular so she will not get hurt when she has to leave.  I really liked this book and how it showed the feelings and life of a family who is constantly moving and having to adapt often in many diffent places/environmen

Forever Four

I really enjoyed this book.  It really holds you in suspence.  I like how the girls are totally different.  Readers will enjoy this book a lot.  I didn't want to put it down.  I can relate to this book in many ways.  I really liked this one and I can't wait to read the second one.

Miss You, Mina!

This book is about a girl named Mina who goes to visit her Aunt Jill in SoHo, and attend an art camp.  She misses her best friends, Liza and Sam, terribly.  Her camp is full of snobs, and her art apparently isn't good enough for her teacher, and not nearly as good as last year's grand prize winner, leader of the snobs.  Then she meets a girl named Gabriella, who really helps her through it.  With her purple Converse and red velvet cupcakes, can Mina conquer the Big Apple?  Find out, in "Miss You, Mina!"

Just Grace and the Double Surprise

This book is about Just Grace's friend going to get a new sister but something goes wrong and it didn't go as expected.  That same day Just Grace's dad was taking her to get a surprise.  To find out what it is read Just Grace and the Double Surprise.


I liked Spaceheads because he's kind of like me moving to a new state and is in a new grade with new kids.

Storm Chaser

For thirteen year old Jessie, living with her family is often lonely.  But she loves the horses her brother and father sell each summer.  Her father said she was to young to handle the horse and this young girl steps to buy it.  I'm not going to go on but this story helps and relates to me because I live with my family and is often lonely.  But this story encourages me there's something in life to fill in holes in your heart.  That is why I liked this book.

Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out

This book is baout a girl who has to make a decision.  A decision to go with her best freidns to a twirl competition, or go to her ex-best friend's b-day party.   The birthday party includes a limo, and a night in a hotel suite.  I really liked the ending, because it is suprising!  To find out more read the book!


The book Eleven involves a girl named Winnie who turns eleven years old.  Winnie learns that becoming older brings new changes and challenges.  I enjoyed reading this book because I feel that Winnie and I are similar in a few ways.  I also related to Winnie because I turned eleven in June and start sixth grade this August.  I enjoyed the book Eleven and think other readers like me would, too.

The Weight of Silence

I would recommend this title because it goes along with the story.  I enjoyed reading this book because it is a mystery book.  I related to Calli because sometimes when I'm sad or mad I don't talk.  Four-year old Calli Clark won't speak after seeing her parents fight.  One day she was dragged into the woods by her father and got away.  Her friend Petra was lost too, both of the parents filed a report and look for them.