The Lemonade Crime

The reason I enjoyed this book is because it is about kids my age getting together to form a kid court. Someone's lemonaide money has been stolen. In the end will they find the suspect or will they forget it all happened. This book kept my attention and kept me pulled in. I suggest you read it to find out the answser. 

The Future of Us

I honestly liked this book alot, especially because the chapters go back and forth from Josh and Emma. So you get two points of view. The storyline was great, it makes you think about if you could really see your future 15 years from now and what you would do about it. The ending was quite surprising and I thouroughly enjoyed the book. I would recommend it. 

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Have you ever tried to please everyone, to be everyone's friend? Greg Gaines does exactly this, spending a few minutes of everyday with every group in his school. But in his attempt to please everyone he ends up with no true friends. In this heartfelt, yet hilarious book, Andrews highlights the idea of individulality, friendship, and following your dreams.

Endless Summer

The book Endless Summer is about a girl named Lori, who is so blinded by Sean Vader that she will do anything to be with him. Through the ups and downs of Lori's plans to be with him, she comes to know that Sean might not be the right guy. I like  this book because it kept me entertained throughout the entire thing. This book was a book I could read again without getting bored of the same thing.


This book is about a boy named Grifin, he finds a Babe Ruth baseball card and tries to sell it. He gets it swindled from him, now him and his budies must get it back. I liked this book because it has the perfect amount of adventure, suspence, and humor. And it is about kids like me for kids like me.

In a Heartbeat

    In a Heartbeat is a great book that tells the story one heart, through two different girls. Eagan is an organ donner, who lives and breathes ice skating.

   Amelia is a strong willed girl even though her body isn't. Amelia's heart is failing, so unless someone donates their heart she will die.

   So when Eagan has a mistake on the ice, Amelia gets the chance to live again. But Amelia thinks Eagans heart is trying to tell her something, just what is it?

In Search of Mockingbird

The book In Search of Mockingbird is about a girl named Erin who's mother has died, and the only thing she has to remember her by is a tattered copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and her diary that Erins dad has just given to her after 16 years. Erin already wants to meet the author Harper Lee, but as soon as she reads the first entry that her morther wrote, it gives Erin that extra spark. I love this book because of the adventure and suspence. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Middle School Get Me Out of Here!

This book is about a kid who hates middle school. I liked this book because it was funny. I can also relate to this book because I am in middle school too. 


Rules is a good and funny book. Catherine wants a normal life with a normal brother and normal friends. Unfortunetly that doesn't happen so easily.  Find out more when you read the book Rules by: Cynthia Lord.

Gypsy Rizka

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Rizka, a gypsy, waits on the edge of town full of silly people for the return of her father.  She consistently tricks the people and officials to benefit herself and the good people of the city. A heartfelt, laugh-out-loud fun story to read.