Lily B. on the brink of Paris

This is the third book of the adventure of Lily B.  She is now going to Paris for an eighth grade trip.  She meet some unexpected people and runs into trouble.  You will have to read to find out waht happens.

Little Blog on the Prairie

Genevieve is tryign to survie a summer without plumbing and electricity.  Her mom signs their family up for a summer in 1890.  From home she brought the phone she's not allowed to have.  With it she texts her friends back at home telling what is happening in 1890.  She has to trade her jeans and T-shirts for a dress and bonnet.  She milks cows, turns butter, harvests corn, and washes their laundry by hand.  Based on the texts her friends make a blog about them.  The phone is trouble, and before that she finds out something unexpected.

Spaniel in a Stocking

I enjoyed Spaniel in a stocking because I, like main character Mandy Hope, love animals.  In this book Mandy and her best friend James have to save a parrot who ate something he shouldn't have, save the Christmas ball because of a power outage, and most of all help an old spaniel to cure a disease in his legs.  Mandy also has to make all of her family members presents for Christmas, but she doesnt' know what to make!  Will Mandy be able to fix everything?  Find out in Spaniel in a Stocking.