The Clique

Massie Block did not want the Lyons moving in, they were poor and Massie's mom insisted Massie be nice to the Lyons daughter, Claire.  Claire has trouble with the girls but at the end, there's a surprising twist.  I recommend this book for pre-teen girls.  I related to Claire, I know how it feels to be pushed aroudn be stepped on.  This book made me great, and I enjoyed reading it.

Stolen Children

Amy is a babysitter sitting a little girl named Kendra.  Amy and Kendra get kidnapped by two thugs named Hugh and Smokey.  Kendra and Amy get taken into a cabin in the woods.  Amy is going to do anything to keep little Kendra safe.  Even if that means running away or...

I would recommend this book because it has a lot of interesting, mysterious details and at the end of each capter it leave you hangin.  I loved reading the book because it was so good I coudln't put the book down.  I erlated to Amy becasue I babysit.

The Healing Spell

This book was very touching story.  The first part, I though, "this book is most boring book." but I kept reading.  There was a girl named Livie who has a mom that has coma, a dad who loves Livie so much, Older sister Faye who's about to get married, and a younger sister Crickett.  Livie has a secret that she never told anyone.  She thinks it's her fault that her mom got coma.  She doesn't touches her mom or even go near by her.  But when Faye, her older sister gets married, responsible for mom's coma comes down to Livie.  I under


The title is fitting becasue the story takes place in Hawaii.  I enjoyed reading this book because I can relate to how Junie B. Jones feels.  I have gone on vacations and gotten many (in my opinion) terrible pictures.

The Saturdays

The Saturdays, written by Elizabeth Enright, is about the Melendys, a family of four children who declare they are wasting their Saturdays by doing nothing.  Mona, the oldest is interested in poetry and Shakespeare.  Rush is twelve and the second oldest.  Randy is ten and a half and enjoys dancing and painting pictures.  Oliver is the youngest.  Every Saturday, one of the Melendy children pools their siblings' allowance and they go on a Saturday adventure.  I would recommend this title because it is a fun, light-hearted book that shows one family's way

Bertie's Picture Day

I read Bertie's Picture Day.  Bertie's Picture Day is about Bertie and his 3rd grade picture, he cannot wait for this occassion.  He has already picked out the outfit he would like to wear that day.

I would recommend this book, though, the book is more of an easy reader chapter book.

I enjoyed Bertie's Picture Day because of the wonderful storyline, and it kept my interest.

I can relate to the characters because I often practice my smiley smile to have it ready for picture day.

Little Blog on the Prairie

When Genevieve Welsh's mom signs their family up for summer long Camp Frontier, Genevieve believes this will be the worst sumemr ever.  Arriving at Camp Frontier, her whole family must surrender all of their possessions, and live like a pioneer from teh 1890s.  But Gen secretly manages to stay in touch with her friend back home, who set up a blog relayign the day to day insites on Gen's life on the prairie.  While Gen wins the hearts of people across American through the blog, she and her family must dig deep and discover who they really are.

Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life

I read the book Dork Diaries.  Yes, I would recommend this book because the author really knows how to express the character's emotions and feelings.  I think I relate to the main character (Nikki Maxwell) because I am going to a new school in 6th grade.  I like the creativity of all the stories she made for the book.  I give this book four and a half stars becasue it was really good, but also a little predictable.

Loudest Beagle on the Block

I really enjoyed this book.  It is a good book if you want to laugh or if you love dogs.  The book is about a sixth grade girl named Ella who gets a beagle in her Great Aunt Golda's will.  But there is one problem, the beagle, Trumpet, won't stop howling when Ella tries to practice her singing.  I would suggest this book to anyone who wants a good page turner.

My Life in Pink and Green

My Life in Pink and Green is a great book that shows how much one twelve year-old girl can do.  I recommend this book to girls who love the spa and are around 10-14.  Out of the whole book, there were only two disappointmetns in the whole book.  Although you may have a different opinion than me.  Look out for the beauty and business tips throughout the book.