Read My Lips

A book I recently read & would recommend to others is "Read My Lips" written by Terri Brown.  I love this book because it has romance, comedy, & everyday issues a normal high-schooler would/might go through.  The main characters are Serena & Miller.  Serena is an oral deaf which means she can speak & can hear some-what.  She reads lips & when the sorority (social butterfly's) find out & take advantage of her special ability.  Can she take it?, and how will she handle it?  Read "Read My Lips" by Terri Brown to find


This book called Stargirl is a wonderful story.  I really enjoyed reading this book and hope there is a sequel.  I liked this book because it is very relatable and is just like real situations.  I think everyone should read Stargirl because I know they will love it and never stop wanting to read it.  This book should be one of the best books anyone has read when they read it for the very first time like me.  This is how I feel about the extrordinary story title Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli.

Serafina67 *urgently requires life*

If you like books about whiney teenage girls complaining then this is for you.  The main character seems to never have a happy moment in her life.  All that she does is bad mouth people and cry and whine.  I couldn't relate to the character at all.

Runaway Twin

Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret is a excellent book.  It is about a girl trying to find her twin.  She faces many challenges along the way like bullies & even a deadly twister!  Will she ever succeed in her dream of finding her twin sister or will she die along the way?   Read to find out!  I recommend this book to everyone.  This book has lots of suspense.

Code Orange

Code Orange is an exciting novel full of suspense making you want to flip the page.  The readers will see how a small envelope will turn the main characters life upside down.  This book is a must read for teens.  Everyone at some point in their life can relate to this book's own heroic slacker.

Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl

I would recommend this title right because in the story she's a big dork!  I did enjoy reading this book because its got lots of words and sometimes it gets really crazy!  In one point they tried to get read of the tooth fairy!

Runaway Twin

Do you like suspense and adventure?  If you do, you should read this book.  Sunny, a foster child, has a twin sister named Starr.  They were seperated at the age of three.

On Sunny's way to school, she discovers a canvas bag with $800 in it.  She goes on an adventure to find her sister with only a picture from their past.

While on this adventure, she finds a stray dog, and also gets in a tornado.

I really liked this book, and hope that you now want to read it.  I just couldn't stop flipping the pages!


I just got done reading a book by Peg Kehret called Trapped.  I would recommend this book because it had alot of action and mysteries.  I enjoyed this book because it envolved two different point of views of the situation, One of the cat (Pete) and the other of the kids.  I think you should read this book if you like mysteries and talking animals.

The Penderwicks

I really enjoyed The Penderwicks because it has an adventurous kick to it.  This book is about 5 sisters Batty, Skye, Rosalind, and Jane.   Rosalind is the oldest, then Skye, next Jane, and last, but certainly not least, Batty.  On their trip to Arundel they meet Jeffrey, a new friend, and his mother, snotty Mrs. Tifton.  Mrs.


I think Schooled is an awesome book for kids because it involves bullying and how it affects your personality.  Naoni would relate to me because she believes what she believes in the right thing to do.  You should really read this book.  It will really teach you a lesson.