I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You

This book is about a girl named Cameron (Cam).  She goes to a spy school, that all outsiders know as a school for snobs.  On a mission she falls in love with a boy.  They love each other, but she has to figure out ways to sneak out of her all girls school to see him.  I like this book because of how it fit in both action and romance.

The Birthday Storm

This is the best book I ever read.  I like books that are mysteries & adventure.  I also think that this was a perfect title for the story.  I relate to Sadora, (Sassy big sister) because in the story Sassy looks up to her big sister even thoe she woudl never tell her that.  In the story Sassy and her family were going to Florida for their Grammy's birthday.  But the day before Grammy's birthday their is suppose to be a tropical storm.  Their are also baby sea turtles that they have to take care of before the storm.  If you want to find out abo


Finally is about Rory Swenson, who wishes on everyting, and on her 12th birthday she is told her wishes will come true.  On her 12th birthday her wishes come true, but in a way you wouldn't believe.  I recommend this book because any girl around Rory's age can relate to this funny and realistic tale.  I enjoyed reading this book because it's funny and puts a smile on my face.  I can relate to Rory because I want to be like other perople sometimes, but I just want to be myself at the most time.


Flipped is a comedic, middle shcool romance about two teenagers.  Their world gets turned inside out and upside down when their feelings for each other get flipped.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a heartwrenching with some comedy story.  I enjoyed reading Flipped becasue I can relate to the Girl.  She finds out that the boy is not all he is not worth all she thought he was.


I really really liked this book.  I saw the movie HOles and wanted to find out if the book was good too. Stanley got in trouble and had to go and get help at Camp Green Lake.  He had to dig a hole a day.  One day, he dug a hole and found...  Guess you will have to read the book yourself to find out. 

The Kind of Friends We Used to Be

The Kind of Friends We Used to Be is mostly about to best friends who are getting more and more different from each other, so it is making it harder to be friends with each other.  Kate is one of the main characters in the book.  When Kate starts playing the guitar and Marylin cheers on teh cheerleading team, Marylin starts getting annoyed by Kate and doesn't understand why Kate won't be more girly it puts Marylin and Kate's friendship to the test.  Find out if Marylin and Kate become friends again in The Kind of Friends We Used to Be.  I recomm

Runaway Twin

Runaway Twin is a book that I would really recommend to people.  I loved reading this book it was really adventurous and you never knew what would happen next.  I related to the characters by both me and Sunny having a family even if for Sunny it happens near the end.  Also we both like adventure and we'll both do whatever it takes to complete our "quest".  The big thing is that we both have friends of different shapes and sizes.  Runaway Twin is something you can't miss out on.


This amazing story is about a 10-year-old girl who feels lost.  She is an orphan that has no family.  One day she decides the high stone wall that divides the orphanage property and the country that lay beyond needs to be discovered.  She climbs over the wall and goes exploring, she finds something wonderful and decides she will take good care of it and it would be hers and her secret forever.  The next day she goes back with some tools to tidy it up.  Find out what Mandy found in the woods when you read Mandy, by Julie Edwards.

Access Denied

The main character--Erin Swift--is just starting 8th grade.  She has to share her locker with the new girl who gets her in alot of trouble.  She has drama with her best firend and her best guy friend.  I enjoyed reading this book because there is always something going on with her life, good or bad.

When Lightning Strikes

When Jessica Mastriani gets struck by lightning, nothing is the same after.  Soon, Jessica learns that she knows the location of missing children.  Reporters show up at her house and don't leave, her mom wants her to find the children for the money, and the FBI wants her to find criminals.  Jessica struggles to figure out what she wants with her gift in When Lightning Strikes, by Meg Cabot.