The Hobbit

The Hobbit is about Bilbo Baggins and his wild adventure.  On the adventure he finds a golden ring.  And when you put the ring on you disapear!  Bilbo fights Spiders escapes from elves and even comes face to face with a dragon!  I recommend that you read this amazing book.

Fing this book.

The Kingdom Keepers

This book was about five kids, who were modeled as Disney hosts, have to save the parks at night from being overun by villians.  I enjoyed reading this book because it was very descriptvie and I like the Disney parks.  I would recommend this title because most people know what the Disney parks are and it gives you a feeling that you are in the Magic Kingdom.

The Immortal Fire

Do you believe in Greek gods?  Well, I do and so does Charlotte and Zee (Zachary), in the amazing book series "The Cronus Chronicles"!  But they run into quite a few problems, okay not a few but a lot or not a little, big problems.  Like one that involves Posiden, a grounding, a crusie and one of the largest problems Char and Zee have ever faced!  If I have you hooked then you need to read "The Cronus Chronicles"  by Anne Ursu!  There is three books in the series, so be sure to "check" them out today!


Inkheart is a thrilling book, full of adventure and fantasy.  One night Meggie's father reads to her outloud and changes her life forever.  soon Meggie finds herself in the middle of an adventure that she thought only happened in Fairy tales.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read.  I enjoyed reading Inkheart so much, I could hardly put it down.  I know everyone that reads this book will love it.

Princess Academy

Princess Academy is a book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys books about romance, adventure and red herrings.  The girls of a town in the mountains are forced to go to an academy to learn how to be a princess in case the prince would choose one of them to be his bride.  They have to spend a winter being taught by a mean lady and go through many hardships along the way.  I hope that whoever reads this book will enjoy it juast as much as I did.

The Fairies of Nutfolk Wood

The Red Pyramid

After their father releases the five Egyptian Gods and Set trys to destroy the world Carter and Sadie are whisked inot adventure.  They use their powers to get past obstacles and get to Set.  Just when they can destroy set they realize Set not the threat but Apophis the chaos god is.  They take power Set and keep Apophis under control for now.

Ella Enchanted

The book ella Enchanted is a really good fairy tale.  Ella was given a spell as a newborn that made her always obey.  This turns out to be a very bad thing.  When she is fifteen she is sent off to finishing school with the atrocious girls Haddie and Olive.  Ultimately she meets Prince Schar and must find a way to break the spell.  I definitely recommend this book.  The book is much better than the moive Ella Enchanted.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Someone puts Harry's name in the goblet of fire.  When Dumbledor pulls him out as 4th champion he is stuck in a tournament her didn't volunteer for!  Can Harry Survive all 3 tasks?  What will Harry's friends do to help him?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I love the Harry Potter series I re-read the whole series every summer but this is one of my favorite ones.  I highly recomend this it is full of excitement and adventure it is fast paced & magical (of course) I love adventure and would recommend it to any one who does.  I really relate to Hermionie the booky smart one.  Just like me.