Bluestar's Prophecy

This book is one of my all-time favorites. It's a book about a stray cat's life in the forest - how she stays alive, makes friendships, suffers losses, and the biggest question of all - will she become leader of her group of feral cats? I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, suspense, and a bit of mystery. I could read this book over and over again - the thickening plot is just that good!

The Secret of Zoom

Wow I love this book! The author is such a good writer. Christina is a girl that is in the house all the time but one day she meets an orphan boy named Taft. She feeds him from secret cave and she and Taft found out what is going on in town. If you want to find out what happens read the book!

The Secret Circle: The Initiation and Captive Part I

I thought the book was interesting and suspensful. The main characters were all in a coven or circle of witches. Cassie completes the circle, but her arrival stirs up some secrets that should have been left alone. I loved the Initiation and the Captive Part 1.

Crookedstar's Promise

Crookedstar's Promise is about Crookedstar, one of the leaders of River Clan. When he was a kit, Crookedstar made a promise to a StarClan cat that he would put his clan before everything else. In return, the StarClan cat, Mapleshade, promises to make him leader. Crookedkit didn't know how much that promise was going to cost him, his friends, family, and love. This books is great for cat lovers, but you have to read the Warriors series to understand it.

The Goblin Wood

I wish I could give this book ten stars! You should read this book if you like fantasy, magic and goblins. My favorite part was when Onny (child goblin) was dared to touch the human prisoner. The last chapter made me want to read the next book, The Goblin Gate.

The Fourth Apprentice

This book had everyone's emotions on a ride. I felt really happy when they found out who the three cat is to complete the prophecy. I also felt sorry for the three cat because she finds out that she is different from her clanmates. You've really got to read this book if you are a Warriors fan.

The Outstretched Shadow

"The Outstretched Shadow" is a great fantasy book. It is a book with good morals and virtues. It is a more adult book, however, as it lightly hints at adult things. In all other ways it is a great book and a must read for all fantasy lovers. 

Midnight Howl

I like Midnight Howl because it is a well written sotry, with juicy detail. I like how at first everyone thinks one person is the wolf, then at the end it was someone completely un-expected. The mystery and how she solves it is amazing.


In the book Origins, young & handsome Stefan Salvatore has everything being done for him. He's taking over the family estate, engaged to Rosalyn Cartwright, and his father absolutely loves him. That all changes when he meets Katherine Pierce. When Rosalyn meets a untimely death, Stefan realized he can have Katherine. But, there are people who stand in there true love. I really like the book because it was romantic.

Outcast of Redwall

It was an exciting book with an interesting storyline. Heroics, and evil throughout the book! There were characters with great personalities. It thoroughly kept me interested.