Souldbound by Heather Brewer is exhilerating and amazing. Kaya show's true bravery while still making time to fall in love. It kept me enthraled to the very last page. The entire book kept me guessing on what actually was going on. I loved the intensity and how even when Kaya is a girl she never wanted to give up and she didn't let anyone get into her way. I can't wait to read the next book "Soulbroken" to find out what will happen to Kaya and all of the other characters of the terrificly written Soulbound.


Being the final book in the series this novel was well worth the wait. Jam packed with plenty of action, heartbreak, and trechery this book keeps you on your toes. At last facing their ultimate enemy, Eragon and Saphira face more challenges then ever. Journey with the pair and their friends for one last adventure.

The Serpents Shadow

I like the book mostly because it's very suspenseful and full of action. Another reason is because it is by my favorite author. If you like the Kane Chronicle then this is a huge step forward in the series. I love how it includes one of my favorite topics, which is ancient mythology.

The Shifter

Why I did like this story is because of all the neat and surprising highlighted events. Like when Nya has found out what she can do with her power. How she meets a new friend and heals his family. And saves her sister from the clutches of evil. But that's all I can say or I'll ruin the whole book. Thanks for reading this!

Coral and the Pearl Diver

This is a fun book to read and I would recommend this to people who love magical adventures. Coral and the pearl diver is a greak book that teaches the principals of teamwork.

Eleventh Grade Burns

Eleventh Grade Burns is the 4th book in the book series Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. In this book Vladimirs ex-friend and a vampire slayer, Joss, moves back to Bathory after attempting to kill Vladimir a 1st time. He is back to finish the job. With Vlad's uncle, Otis, in trouble with Elysia, a fellow vampire who wants a taste of his blood, another vampire who wishes Vlad dead and an ex-girlfirend who is demanding answers, Vladimir Tod learns that eleventh grade really does burn.

The Last of the Sky Pirates

Rook a young under Librarian who lives in the sewers of Undertown has been picked to study in the free glades. Meanwhile a war has been brewing between the scholars and the dark knights. When Rook's studies come to an end he travels through the Edge creating a book on the habits and lifestyles of banderbears. Rook comes across a few surprises along the way.


The Gregor Series is an awesome series. Suzanne Collins is a very good writer. If you like Big Bugs and mamals, your gonna like  The Gregor Series. Gregor is a normal a boy who lives in New York with his mom, his 7 year old sister, Lizzie, his grandma, and his 2 year old sister Boots. And his Dad was missing. One day he and Boots went to the laundry room and fell into the underland. Will they ever get back to the Overland?


In this story about the twelve dancing Princesses, Azalea and her sisters Bramble, Clover, Delphinium, Eve, Flora, Goldenrod, Hollyhock, Ivy, Jessamine, Kale and newest princess Lily all find a magical pavilion in a magical passage way the girls discovered in their room where they go every night to dance. Because they are in mourning, Azlea makes them promise not to tell anyone about the pavilion + its keeper, Mr. Keeper (I call him Mr. Creeper. read the book to find out why). But when she learns his true idenity, Azalea needs to think fast to save her family. Will she make it in time?


Firelight is a book about a girl draki who's family descended from dragons. Her mother makes her, & her twin move far away from their tribe. The twins go to public school there, and interesting things happen. This book was non-stop action from the very beginning and I coudn't put it down.