A Whisper and a Wish

A Whisper and A Wish is a great story about Christy Miller.  How she moves to California from their farm in Wisconsin.  I think the book A Whisper and A Wish is quite enjoyable because you can easily relate to the characters and a fun story.

Kingdom's Edge

I recommend this book because it gives people a hope of a better future.  I enjoy reading this book over and over because every time I read it I find seomthing new.  Cedric is a boy in the story and he helps save a city from destruction.  "William you know I have to check on Leinad first."  "Besides what is so grand at seeing not so noble nights pass by when my stomack growls with hunger.

Mandy the Outsider: Prelude to World War 2

This book takes place right before World War II.  It's about a girl who is teased by a few girls & her brother is beat up becasue he's friends with a very nice Japanese family.  The point is learning to stand up for yourself when you're being teased or anything like that.  I highly recommend you read this book!  I kind of relate to her because I've been teased before but I didn't exactly know how to stand up, but I finally did & I felt better!

The Mystery Thief

This is a story about a Christian gang of boys.  The boys of the gang are Bill, Poetry, Circus, Big Jim, Little Jim, Dragonfly, & Tom.  ONe day Bill got an offending letter.  As he was going over for a sleepover at Poetry's, he was attacked.  The letter was stolen.  Then the gang came out, after Bill told them what happened.  They went to chase the thief.  They finally caught him.  Later they all celebrated with a picnic at an old mans house there someone attacked Big Jim.  They got him recovered and all when home.

Spring Breakdown

Thsi book is one of the last in the series, and contains a balanced mixture of action, suspense, comedy, and romance.  spring Breakdown closes the Carter House Girls in a spectaculaar end.  This is a wonderful read on a quiet, rainy day.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Christine Lee is tryign to adjust to changes in her life; first her mom dying, then her dad getting married to another woman, only a year after they crash, and her best friends fighting and breaking up.  The only person that seems to care is her counseler, Ms. Moore.  But even she is leaving soon.  How will Christine deal with all the drama going on in her life?  Read Breaking Up is Hard to Do.

The Immortelles

Damita De Salvedo is a rich young woman living in New Orleans in the nineteenth century.  When her father's crops fail and he cannot pay their debts, she has to learn to live with less than she had ever expected, and more responsibilities than expected.  After realizing that a personal relationship with her Savior, Jesus Christ, is all she really needs, Damita learns that God will provide everything she need-and more-if she only trusts in him. 

This book is an enjoyable read, and I really recommend it!

Kingdom's Quest

Kingdom's Quest is a thrilling & addicting book!  I couldn't put it down!  I would recommend this book to all ages as it was thuroughly enjoying.  Cluck Black does an incredible job of bringing the characters to life.

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Take Three

Take 3 is a part of a series from Karen Kingsbury.  The whole series I absolutely love!  From the struggles of a college girl, to the challenges of producing a Christian movie in Hollywood, its very enjoyable to read.  I would recommend this book to all my firends.  I can realte to the girl, Bailey, most in this book.