I Promise

I promise is the third and final book in the Christy Miller college series.  Christy Miller and Todd Spencer are finally engaged and must now plan their wedding.  These books are my favorite series because they are very interesting and have good marals, and I especially enjoyed I Promise.


I recommend reading Jessie becasue I enjoyed reading it and other people who like romance stories may also.  I n Jessie a girl, Jessie, works from her fathers shop.  Jessie soon finds a guy.  Jessie and the guy soon get married and have a beautiful little gril Hannah.  The guy has to go to Texas to see his brother when he arrives he has to stay for 8 years.  When he returns the guy wants to see Hannah then realizes that Hannah is not the only one she has a sister, Clergy and Seth joins the fmaily again.

SummerHill Secrets

I really love this book.  It is an enchanted love story with exciting stores along the way.  I would definately recommend this book!  The main character is very happy, and always wants to help people just like me!  I will definately read this book again.


Bailey is faced with a hard decision in this book.  Staying behind & working in her home town, or moving to New York, the big city to pursue her dreams.  She wants to become a broadway dancer, but there are many obstacles in her way.  Including the guys in her life that pull her heart in different directions.  I would recommend this book because I love all of Kingsbury's work.

Private Justice

First in the Newpointe 911 series, Private Justice introduces readers to the inner lives of emergency personnel.  A serieal killer hunts fire wives in the small Louisianna town of Newpointe and the fire fighters will do anything to protect them.  Mark Branning is no exception.  His wife, Allie, almost becomes the next victim.  Can he protect her or their failing marriage with a killer on the loose?  Only God knows.  A great read for those who aren't intimidated by large novels and enjoy getting to know characters throughout a series.


Tyce, the main character, grew up on mars, and he's finally on earth but in jail and he does not even know why.  He can control a robot.  You read more than one book to get to the end.  I loved the book!

The Song at the Scaffold

Truly a worthy encore!

Beautifully and simply written, has capture my interest on so many levels.  Challenged my sense of the heroic and now I question whether fear and timidity are not less dangerous than the pride and presumption of the more great minded people.  I simply couldn't put it down.

Songbird of the Nile

This book was a very good, quick read.  It covers the Biblical story of Miriam, and involves a fictional friend.  The book is written as teh viewpoint of this friend, named Laila.  The storyline is about the conflict between the overbearing Egyptians adn the Israelites they made slaves of.  The parents of Miriam and Laila aer shown as concerned about the influence of the hard lifestyle on their children, because the whole generation of Laila and Miriam were forced inot growing up early.  I would definitely recommend this book to any pretten or teen!

Heart of a Shepherd

Heart of a Shepard is about a boy named Brother who's dad is in the army and his dad gets shipped out to Iraq.  Brother has to keep the ranch going and take care of his grandparents by himself because all his brother are in High School or military training.  I would recommend this story to anyone because you can easily become a character.  I enjoyed reading this book because it's a touching story about a kid having to do everything his dad and brothers would be doing while going to school everyday.

The Princess

The book is about an arranged marriage between the prince and Shelby.  (main character)

I chose to write a report about this book, because its very sweet, and people can learn things from it.  I gave the 4 stars, because even though I enjoyed it, I couldn't feel complete empahty with some of the characters and their decisions.