The Thin Executioner

The Thin Executioner is a great book by my favorite author.  It's the story of young Jebel Rum who seeks the god of fire.  He wants the god to grant him inhuman powers so that Jebel can win his father's respect.  His quest is filled with murderous mobs, self-mutalating cults, strange beats, and men who will do anything for power.  This is the story of the long road to becoming The Thin Executioner.

The Wake of the Lorelei Lee

The Wake of the Lorelei Lee is the 8th of a 9 book long series called the Bloody Jack Adventures.  In this adventure, Jacky, once an orphan on the streets of London, is now the owner of the ship, the Lorelei Lee.  She returns to London to find her true love, James Fletcher, but instead is taken and thrown into the London jail.  She is charged with her past crimes against the crown, and is sentenced to life in Autstralia.  She later learns that Jamiy, because they are promised to be married, and is supposed to have helped her in these crimes, is also given the same senten


Closer was a phenomenal work of art.  The authors built the characters well, and every time I picked up the book, I was captured in a vivid world.  There were many unexpected twists and turns, and I was caught by surprise by many things.  The book ends in a cliff-hanger, and I can't wait to see what this talented pair of authors comes up with next.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall is a well thought out, suspenseful, spy story with realistic believable characters.  The main character, Quest Munoz, also known as Q, is told in his point of view.  He wants to be a magician when he grows up.  The story started out with his mom, a famous rockstar, marrying Roger, one of her bandmates.  Having a famous marriage was his mom's agent's idea.  Q's mom and Roger were not bad people or snotty, and Roger was really nice to Q.  Roger, like Q's mom, was married a long time ago and had a daughter named Angie.&nbsp

The Throne of Fire

I would recommend this book becasue it has lots of adveneture and mystery in it.  The book also leaves you hanging.  I can realte to how Sadie feels about her older brother because I have one.  I would recommend you to the first book in the series The Red Pyramid, if you h avent' read it yet.


Fang is a wonderful book about 6 kids who can fly.  Max (the leader) has to protect the kids.  Max and Fang like each other but when Dylan Max's perfect other half shows up things get complicated.  I enjoyed reading this book becaue there was a twist at every turn and you didn't know what was going to happen next.  I think I relate alot to Max because she is just figuring things out as she goes.  Max is my favorite character.

The Throne of Fire

Rick Rioran did not let me down! I recommend this book to kids (and adults) who love to read fantasy and myths.  In the story, Sadie and Carter Kane are faced with yet another apocalyptic problem.  Apophis (the Lord of Chaos) is rising.  He plans on swallowing the sun and plunging everything into darkness.  Sadie and Carter must embark on a daring journey to wake the sungod (Ra) and keep the peace.  To find out what happens next, read this AMAZING Book, written by an AMAZING author!


From the desk of DC Comics writer Jon Lewis comes his book Invasion.  It starts off the same way as any alien/superhero book would... Colts's parents die.  So he moves in with his grandfather.  At Colt's new school he meets his childhood friend Dani and the familiar Oz.  Just as Colt's life starts getting back in order he receives a tip that his parents didn't die in a car accident, they were ordered to be killed by the powerfulest industry in the world!  And so, the three friends must take it down along with all it's terrible secrets.

Runaway Twin

Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret is a excellent book.  It is about a girl trying to find her twin.  She faces many challenges along the way like bullies & even a deadly twister!  Will she ever succeed in her dream of finding her twin sister or will she die along the way?   Read to find out!  I recommend this book to everyone.  This book has lots of suspense.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is about the main character Harry and his friends Ron and Hermoine trying to destroy the fearsome wizard Lord Voldemort and save the wizarding world.  I enjoyed reading this book because it was a fantastic ending to the Harry Potter series full of action, adventure, and fantasy.  I would recommend this title because it shows that you have to have trust in your friends and love.