The Biggest, Bestest Time Ever!

I picked this book because I love comic books.  Mal is the kid who loves to make stuff.  Chad is the dog that can talk.  I gave this book five stars because this book is interesting and made me laughted that's why. 

Crocodile Tears

This book is about a boy sho has gone through all the world has to give.  A very young spy that has the dream of a normal boy.  I definitely like this book; I would recommend the author to anyone.


I like ABDUCTION! a lot because it was action packed and interesting.  It all started when Denny's (Matt's Father) sister bragged about her family.  Then Denny found out he had a son, this was his plans:  He would dognap the family dog, Pookie, and use Pookie as bait.  The plan was successful.  Then Bonnie (Matt's sister) found then but she knew too much Denny couldn't keep because she was ruining the plan.  So how would he get rid of her.


I think that this book is a good story because it has all the elements of a good plot along with alot of suspense.  It was a very enjoyable book and  a page turner.  I loved how it went into biology, but I would not recommend this book for younger kids.

The Serpent's Shadow

I loved this book because it is suspenceful and fun to read.  The storys about a sister & brother who are egyptian magicians.  And they are trying to save the world.  Will they save the world find out in The Serpent's Shadow.

The Fire Ascending

This book was a very good ending to the last dragon series.  It added a good twist to the series by adding new characters, and combining dragons and time.  Some parts did get a bit confusing, but that always happens when time was in the story.  This book is a very well thought through book, and it is great for people who love a good that challenges them.

The Serpent's Shadow

What a great end to the Kane Chronicles!  The Serpent's Shadow was suspenseful and fast paced.  I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves adventure and the Percy Jackson series.

Cat O'Nine Tails

Cat O'Nine Tails is a wonderfully paced adventure, making it hard for the Reader to put it down.  One of the book's best qualities is its theme (or rather themes) of love friendship, and family, even for gang leaders or orphans.  The selflessness of the characters, mixed with an abundance of shar-witten humor, makes up a cast of unforgettable characters that Readers will wish would come alive and off of the page.  Despite that they onloy survive in ink, Readers are drawn into the story, and find themselves neck in nect with our narrator, Cat, in the thinck of t


Framed is a book of false acusations and a quest fo find out who framed Griffin Bing.  Griffin was in trouble before, but when it isn't his fault that a super bowl ring was replaced with his lost retainer he and his friends along with a friend they meet along the way won't stop searching for the culprit.  Even if that means breaking the law.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

I really liked this book.  It was full of adventure, mystery, & suspense.  When Harry Potter is late for his second year at Hogwarts, he knew Dobby, the house elf who had warned him not to attend Hogwarts again, was onto something.  I'd recommend this book to anyone who is interested in witchcraft & wizardry.  I didn't like the book so much when they explained the fight scene very detailed.  JK Rowling really brings the wonder of Harry's adventuresin this book, the sequel to The Sorcerer's Stone.