The Devil Wears Prada

This book was about a girl who goes from knowing little or nothing about fashion and lands a job as a personal assistant for the editor of Runway, a very big fashion magazine.  It was a very fun book to read because it reminded me of alot of people I know.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy read for summer.


I chose this book based on my life of this author.  I would recommend this if you like mystery.  It's intriguing because of the different points of view from different people.  There were some parts in the book that I didn't think was necessary.  There were also characters that were very poorly developed.  I have read most of her other books and this one so far is my least favorite.


This book was about how women can become truely captivating women under the weight and pressure of the world.  The book described how the feminine heart can be restored back to what God created it to be.  I loved the book and learned many things.  I definitely would recommend this book to any women or teenage girl.


I recommend reading Jessie becasue I enjoyed reading it and other people who like romance stories may also.  I n Jessie a girl, Jessie, works from her fathers shop.  Jessie soon finds a guy.  Jessie and the guy soon get married and have a beautiful little gril Hannah.  The guy has to go to Texas to see his brother when he arrives he has to stay for 8 years.  When he returns the guy wants to see Hannah then realizes that Hannah is not the only one she has a sister, Clergy and Seth joins the fmaily again.

The Satanic Verses

At over ten thousand feet above Earth, two men fall to the ground.  Miraculously, though, they survive-but not without some alterations.  Gibreal Forishta begins to sprout a halo, whereas Saladin Chamcha* suddenly acquires horns and hooved feet.  As the two men transmutate into angel and demon, Gabriel and devil, Salman Rushdie leads us on a dramatic yet light-hearted and always fun journey into the nature of faith and good and evil.  Not an easy read, but certianly a satisfying one.

*his actual last name is different and really, really long


Bailey is faced with a hard decision in this book.  Staying behind & working in her home town, or moving to New York, the big city to pursue her dreams.  She wants to become a broadway dancer, but there are many obstacles in her way.  Including the guys in her life that pull her heart in different directions.  I would recommend this book because I love all of Kingsbury's work.

Blood of the fold

The Sword of Truth series are my favorite books because they have everything, danger, romance, magic, and most surprising logic.  They hold no illusions to the perfects worlds of other fantasies but often relate to the real world.  The challenges they face are the challenges we face: oppression, tyrants, and people who follow and support these things.  Reichard and Kahlan, the protaginists have to fight mnay horros by themselves with nothing but the truth and good hearts.


I loved this book because it got your mind spinning, and it made you want to keep reading.  I also loved it because you kind of got to know Joni, and it showed you all the difficulties she had in her life and how benefitted we are to have the lives we have everyday.  I really enjoyed reading this book and I would definately recommend this title.

Private Justice

First in the Newpointe 911 series, Private Justice introduces readers to the inner lives of emergency personnel.  A serieal killer hunts fire wives in the small Louisianna town of Newpointe and the fire fighters will do anything to protect them.  Mark Branning is no exception.  His wife, Allie, almost becomes the next victim.  Can he protect her or their failing marriage with a killer on the loose?  Only God knows.  A great read for those who aren't intimidated by large novels and enjoy getting to know characters throughout a series.

True Blue

True Blue is a story about Mace Perry, an ex-Police officer who was framed for a burglary.  After serving time in prison she decides that she will do whatever it takes to get back on the police force.  She teams up with a lawyer named Roy and together they try to solve a case.  I thought this book was a good read.  I enjoyed it but I do hope there is a sequel that was hinted at in the end because there are still some mysteries concerning Mace's past to be resolved.